I Have The Best Daughter In The World!

I say that I have the best daughter in the world because she is always willing to help out an animal in need. Many times she goes above and beyond to help them.

Tonight we drove by an area where a house was torn down that used to have a lot of cats running around and sleeping on the porch. The house was torn down a few weeks ago and I stupidly thought that whoever had lived there must have made arrangements for the cats. Whether it was the person who used to live there or the person in charge of that person or whoever, they did not. We discovered the cats there this evening. She drove right to the store and bought cat food and a water bowl for them.

We went back and they all ran into the woods that surround the house. To our surprise we found that someone had been leaving food for them. Then we walked around behind a big tree into a nice little shaded spot and there was a lot of old empty food containers and cat food bags. It looked as if someone was trying to keep them fed and watered. We did wonder if a homeless person might have been staying there also. It was getting dark so we couldn’t really get a good look behind the hedge of trees and bushes.

Tomorrow I will call our No-Kill shelter and pray that they will for once have room for animal that I call about! At least we know they have enough food and some water.

So I have to say it again, I have the best daughter in the world! She is an animal hero.

6 responses to “I Have The Best Daughter In The World!

  1. Patrecia Upton

    I agree , your daughter is an angel in disguise. Not many people would take the trouble or to take the time. I do home that your animal shelter will be able to help you love P

  2. helensadornmentsblog

    What a dear daughter you have. I’m so glad you have a shelter that promises to take care of animals and not kill them. Good luck and hope you don’t have to “foster” any kitties. I always get into trouble that way as they become permanent.

    • When I called they were full as usual. But I have discovered that the land belongs to our greenbelt and I think the people who keep it up will either build a shelter or help in some way. Still waiting on a call back from them.

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