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Tucker Carlson: Vick ‘should have been ‘executed’ – Yahoo! News

Way to go Tucker! Yahoo!

Tucker Carlson: Vick ‘should have been ‘executed’ – Yahoo! News

And  yes I think the same thing should be done for rapist, child molesters and murderers.

Sarah Palin Jabs Michelle Obama’s Anti-Obesity Campaign With S’mores

Really Sarah? Really, did you have to use that word? Watch the video below and you will know which word I am referring too. The word itself is ugly enough but for a woman, not to mention a woman who wants to be president too use it is just disgraceful.  Call me old fashioned, go ahead, I don’t care. It’s an ugly disgusting word.

Sarah Palin Jabs Michelle Obama’s Anti-Obesity Campaign With S’mores

Sarah Palin’s Alaska: Feeding the Men Who Drop the Logs – E! Online

What is up with this woman?  Here she is a working woman and mother and all she seems to ever think about is making her young daughter cook for men! Give it a break Sarah. There is nothing wrong with someone being a cook for a logging camp but Really Sarah is that what you want for your beautiful young daughter?! No offense meant to any logging camp cooks but maybe that would best be saved for later in life when all other options have been explored. 

Sarah Palin’s Alaska: Feeding the Men Who Drop the Logs – E! Online

The big movie – Sex in the city II

Sex and the City II
Yes I am a little behind, no wait, a little late in watching this movie. Behind probably wouldn’t be the best word to use when talking about that movie. I saw a little more behind than I wanted too.

Now what was all the yap about? Why did no one like the movie? It follows right along with the history of the show and the last movie. No major plots that we don’t already know about. It’s just eye candy. Fun, beautiful people, nice scenery and goofy clothes.
And who didn’t see trouble coming letting Samantha go to Abu Dhabi?
Of course Carrie and Aiden would kiss. I’m really not sure why Mr. Big, oh excuse me, John as he is now called would even be upset. It’s totally in character for her. I’m pretty sure that if I were in that situation I would do the same thing. Come on she married John after dumping Aiden. It was just a kiss and she stopped it right there and told John in an honest heart- felt apology.
I was happy to see that Miranda and Steve had gotten back together. I thought the scene where Charlotte and Miranda let out all of their secrets was a completely honest scene. It wasn’t done in a mean, belittling way. They both stated their great love for their children. I think it would be perfectly natural for a professional woman like Miranda too also want to continue her career as long as it works for her family.
And any mother can relate to Charlotte’s little Rose non-stop crying. Maybe not the nanny, braless or otherwise. Both of those situations would be difficult to deal with. Well not really, you can just tell the nanny she has to wear a bra. A really good thick bra. And thick turtleneck shirts.
Yes Standford’s wedding was about as over the top as one could get. I was about as shocked as could be when Liza busted a move too the Beyonce song, Put a Ring on it. That was hysterical, although she didn’t do a bad job. I would have loved to have swans at my wedding(s). It was like a great 1950’s musical. Perfect for Standford. I can’t imagine it any other way.
I thought Carrie and John reconciled their difference in a very real, sweet and honest way. I love that he gave her a black diamond. I love that he forgave her and I love even more that she realized she had her dream. The life she was always in search of.
So, yes I enjoyed the movie other than being, and seeing a little too much behind.