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The big movie – Sex in the city II

Sex and the City II
Yes I am a little behind, no wait, a little late in watching this movie. Behind probably wouldn’t be the best word to use when talking about that movie. I saw a little more behind than I wanted too.

Now what was all the yap about? Why did no one like the movie? It follows right along with the history of the show and the last movie. No major plots that we don’t already know about. It’s just eye candy. Fun, beautiful people, nice scenery and goofy clothes.
And who didn’t see trouble coming letting Samantha go to Abu Dhabi?
Of course Carrie and Aiden would kiss. I’m really not sure why Mr. Big, oh excuse me, John as he is now called would even be upset. It’s totally in character for her. I’m pretty sure that if I were in that situation I would do the same thing. Come on she married John after dumping Aiden. It was just a kiss and she stopped it right there and told John in an honest heart- felt apology.
I was happy to see that Miranda and Steve had gotten back together. I thought the scene where Charlotte and Miranda let out all of their secrets was a completely honest scene. It wasn’t done in a mean, belittling way. They both stated their great love for their children. I think it would be perfectly natural for a professional woman like Miranda too also want to continue her career as long as it works for her family.
And any mother can relate to Charlotte’s little Rose non-stop crying. Maybe not the nanny, braless or otherwise. Both of those situations would be difficult to deal with. Well not really, you can just tell the nanny she has to wear a bra. A really good thick bra. And thick turtleneck shirts.
Yes Standford’s wedding was about as over the top as one could get. I was about as shocked as could be when Liza busted a move to the Beyonce song, Put a Ring on it. That was hysterical, although she didn’t do a bad job. I would have loved to have swans at my wedding(s). It was like a great 1950’s musical. Perfect for Standford. I can’t imagine it any other way.
I thought Carrie and John reconciled their difference in a very real, sweet and honest way. I love that he gave her a black diamond. I love that he forgave her and I love even more that she realized she had her dream. The life she was always in search of.
So, yes I enjoyed the movie other than being, and seeing a little too much behind.

Obama calls Eagles owner to congraulate him for signing Vick – Shutdown Corner – NFL  – Yahoo! Sports

Well there goes what little respect that I might have had for President Obama, right out the window.  What Vick did was the same thing as murder.  It was premeditated. It was looked upon and watched with eagerness.  Forcing dogs to fight to the death. Stop and think about that scene for a few minutes. Think of your beloved pets being put into that situation. Think of the horror. And he purposely arranged this as entertainment and for profit! This was no minor little uh oh that he committed. Think of a person’s heart who would be able to do this kind of deed. Think of the darkness that presides there.

And now of all people the President calls and says what a good little boy, you sat in time out, now everything is forgiven. What message does this send to the rest of the scumbags who do this?!  In my opinion it’s outrageous and dangerous. The President does not know where to draw the line and is a little too friendly. No Mr. President you cannot be everyone,s friend. Some people are bad. Believe or not there are bad people  in the world and Micheal Vick is one of them. And you just gave him hero status. Thanks. Thanks a lot. Maybe you would like Vick to watch your dog for a weekend.

Obama calls Eagles owner to congraulate him for signing Vick – Shutdown Corner – NFL  – Yahoo! Sports.

From a cool neighbor

Snow Kitty

Darla says

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Too young for love? No. Too young for a wedding? No. At least not in my opinion. The girl was dying! Would it really have been so bad to grant her the one wish that almost every young girl desires? Too marry in a beautiful ceremony with a Cinderella wedding dress.

Her grandparents who seemed to be her guardians must have deemed a wedding a very bad idea since they came up with the idea of an alternative ceremony. So they found the ugliest old lady dress they could  because no, we can’t have her looking anything like a bride, heaven forbid. Really?! What exactly would have been the problem here? The poor girl is dying before your eyes and has a young man who obviously loves her greatly. Would it really have been too much to buy the dying girl the wedding dress of her dreams? Even to let her have a real wedding ceremony? Really? would it?

I say no. No, it would not have been such a terrible thing. It would have been the greatest day of this poor young girls sad little life. It would have been a dream come true.

Talk about don’t sweat the small stuff! I say someone was far too concerned about some nonsense to let the poor girl have what she deserved.

Now she’s dead. Dead and gone.