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Stripper Reporter

There is nothing fair and balanced about this reporting job conducted by Bianna Golodryga from Good Morning America. It’s more like attack of the jealous, condescending peer.

Reporting on the double life of reporter Sarah Tressler’s life as a stripper by night, Bianna dresses like a nun. Her severe manner of dress looks utterly absurd and the way she talks to Sarah as if she herself is above all of that is nauseating. Remember dear the woman had three jobs. She is the American dream, an entrepreneur. A self-made woman who can take care of herself.

She wasn’t doing anything illegal, or harmful to anyone else. As a fellow reporter and woman I don’t think you should have interviewed her with the attitude that you did.

Sarah’s choice of a third job may not be our choice of a job but we have no need to put her down and belittle her for it.

The Happy Tree

It is in my nieghbor’s yard right over the fence. I think I will buy two for my yard. I wish it would keep a flowering bloom all summer but it doesn’t. Soon these gorgeous pink cherry blossoms will fall off. They look like ballarina skirts. Tiny little dancers all over the tree.

Pink Glorious Pink


Really Geraldo? You’re going to blame a hoodie ( Sorry, if you read that before, I left those  words out) for the killing of Trayvon Martin?! I am a 52-year-old white as can be grandmother and I wear hoodies! And no I am not gansta. Oooo I even wear black bandanas. I wear a lot of black and gray, because those are colors that I like.

The shooter was in his car and followed this young man and gunned him down.  You don’t drive after someone and shoot them. You don’t decide to shoot someone because of what they are wearing. You may decide to shoot a person who is coming into your house in an aggravated and uninvited manner showing intent to harm you.

Horizontal Copper Hammered Ring

These rings are fun and easy to make and wear.

Give A Helping Hand

Do you know someone who could use a helping hand? Do you know someone who might be suffering from Compasion Fatigue? Maybe you could sit with there loved one for an hour a day or once a week. Buy them some groceries. Cut their grass. Clean their house. Bring them library books or your books that you have read. Send them a pizza.  Any number of things that we might take for granted would be most welcomed and appreciated by them. Look around and see who you could give a helping hand too. You can make the world a better place. You might even prevent someone’s death or suicide. Give it some thought and pass the idea around.

Soundproof A Room

I found this unusual product while reading Curtis L. Heuser’s book, Your Home a living canvas. He used JaDecor to soundproof a laundry room and heating system as well. The product comes as a dry component that looks like bits of fluff or shredded cotton with the stems still on. What it actually consists of is dyed cotton particles and cellulose and can also include colored metallic or even mica for added decoration. It is mixed with water and troweled on the wall. It is a very green product and does not mold. It also insulates against noise and extreme temperature changes and is not affected by humidity.  Supposedly it is ranked as one of the safest enviromental wall coverings.

I tried to look it up on the web and provide a link but that seems to be impossible. I found one thread pertaining to it on a forum for the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers, Inc.  There was this email address to contact and that is all .

Here is a link to Curtis Heuser on Youtube.