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Fiddling With Fractals

I used J Wildfire and Photoshop to create these images.

Fish Pond In Space Fish Pond In Space

The-edge-of-a-star-2 The Edge Of A Star


This image that I created in Fractal Forge reminded me of a Zentangle. If drawn on a wall as a Zentangle it would keep a child busy for countless hours! Drawing on the walls is so much more fun than in a book. Come on, what’s one wall? Think of the fun to be had. One day it can all be painted over or you might like it so much that you want to keep it forever. Be brave do something different and unexpected. Maybe in your dinning room even, your guests can have fun doodling after a meal and great memories will be made. Or the kids can be entertained while the parents continue to dine and sip their wine. Remember to make it fun it has to cover the entire wall! You don’t have to use permanent markers, just pencils. Or paint pens. Let go, loosen up. Have fun.


A Spring Day






Crystallized White Rose Cake

This cake was delicious and easy to make. I saw it on Yahoo’s Cake of the Month and I had to try it. The icing was extremely rich. Like through the roof rich! It was fun to make and produced stunning results. It would be great for a spring party or a birthday. I did not use real roses on mine as I was doing this at the last-minute and the only real roses that I could find looked horrible, so I used fake ones from Wal-Mart. Yes I washed them first.

d03658f4f47a853d18aa40db59b5a97507f2c7a9  Their presentation photo is gorgeous, not something I have mastered yet. Below is my cake.


cake-2 If I remember correctly I used Strawberry Jam on the bottom layer and Raspberry Oil added to the frosting. Since this icing uses heavy cream the cake does have to be refrigerated which I think intensified the flavors.

After making this cake I though I would get back into making lots of cakes because I love the creative part of it so I bought a brand new Kitchen Aid mixer. Well having Fibromyalgia puts the brakes on everything one wants to do. It runs the schedule. Not you. I made one more cake since then and could care less about making another one. I want to make one for Easter Dinner though. I have to find the energy for it somewhere. I love to make a fun cake for kids.

If you would like to purchase a Kitchen Aid mixer this is the site I used. Everything  The price was around $229 I think. Shipping was free and it only took about five days to arrive. I noticed the next week they were on sale at Target for $299. I purchased the Classic Plus Model and received an upgrade on the bowl. They sent one with a handle on it which does not normally come with the Classic Plus. So that was a great bonus! Also I purchased the shield not realizing that it does not fit (or snap on) to the bowl. So beware of that. It might still work to have it sitting there though.

So what will you all be baking for Easter? Anything special in the works? Or do you have a yearly tradition?