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Much Loved Cat Toy

Hairbands. Yes that’s it hairbands. I know I have done a post about them before but oh well here is another one. My cat loves these fake prey. Shoot them across the room and she will either jump after them or just watch in amusement as they go by.


Sometimes I shoot them off of the wall and she will jump up to try catch them. Or she waits for them to bounce off of whatever they land on.


Shoot them across the floor and sometimes they roll perfectl on their sides which is most interesting to the cat. Especially if they roll past then turn and come back towards her.


They only cost a dollar for quite a few of them at most places and somehow they do get lost so I never more pay more than a dollar for them. I just leave all over the floor and as I walk by sometimes I fling one or two for her. We mostly play with them in the evening. I hear her playing with them in the middle of the night sometimes.


The Tao of Meow by Deborah Wood is about providing a happy life for your cat. Thinking about things from your cats point of view.


Miss Kitty also collects them during the night and places some of them near her food bowl in a neat little pile and sometimes drops one in the water bowl and one in Luna’s (brown dog) food bowl. She never puts one in Darla’s (black and white dog) bowl becuase Darla is the Alpha dog and doesn’t like Miss Kitty an awful lot. I think she is secretly scared of Miss Kitty so she has to act tuff to hide it. Miss Kitty is never mean to her though and would really like to be her friend.





More Snow and Pics

It sleeted all night long and the power did not go out! Then it snowed more this morning.



Then the sun came out bright and beautiful! The dogs had a great time playing in the snow.




Cole The Rescue Dog and Eddie’s Wheels

It’s a good thing. No. It’s a great thing!!! Here you can read the story of Cole a beautiful, sweet little rescue dog and how a fabulous company called Eddie’s Wheels helped with his great new life.

Thanks Kimberly for being an animal hero!
(Photo by his owner)

My granddog Rudie whom I love so very, very much has been stricken with a herniated disc and can’t walk or get around because her back legs are paralyzed. So it was great to find this company. If she isn’t better within a few month she will have to have one of these wheelchairs. The surgery to repair her disc would be $4000! And it would be horrible to put her down because of this. She is the most gentle, loving and sweet dog that I have ever met. So well-behaved and easy-going. She rides in the car like a dream and always thinks that grammie has come over to take her for a ride. Sometimes when I baby sit her I take her for a ride to entertain her so when I go over she always runs to my car. I love to play frisbee with her, she is fantastic at it. It is so sad to think she won’t be able to play anymore. Even if she recovers she won’t be able to run or jump like that in case she would re-injure her disc.


Save a Dog, a Cat, Save Something!!!!!

This is Miley after he was rescued and cleaned up. So beautiful!


Please watch this video about a sad pitiful dog laying in the garbage pile sick, scared, hungry, alone, stressed in need of love.

Don’t go out and buy an expensive, fancy dog when you can save a life that will not make it without your help. Our shelters are being over-run with animals. Rescue groups are over-whelmed trying to take care of all they have. Think about adopting an older dog if that suits your lifestyle better. Every one doesn’t need an active puppy. There are so many blind and deaf dogs and cats who need a loving home also. Please consider them if you can.

And always involve your support system of family and friends as to you would be most willing to be God parent to your precious new addtion if something awful would happen to you. You don’t want them to have to go back to a shelter. Have play dates with friends and family and get everyone comfortable with each other.

Make these animals really a part of your life. Please don’t chain them to a tree. What kind of life is that? They need a securely fenced yard to run and play in. With you. My nieghbor’s dog was home alone for as much as twelve hours a day pretty much every single day. Let’s see they can’t read a book, they can’t watch tv. No one to play with. Can’t you imagine how boring that would be. And a dog or a cat needs a good, secure insulated dog house that properly fits it’s own size so that it’s body heat can be trapped in to keep them warmer during the cold.They need fresh clean wheat straw to keep warm. They love a good, soft blanket. But most of all they love to be in the house with you! Sleep with you! Nothing pleases a dog more than being by your side as much as possible. You are their job. They want to protect you and please you. You treat your animal right and they will give you more love than you could ever imagine. It’s not that hard just put yourself in their fur and walk a few miles. Walk a few miles around the city without your shoes as a matter of fact looking for food and water. Looking for shelter. Looking for a safe place to have your babies and care for them. Then how are you going to care for them, feed them and keep them safe. Do you see what stray, lost and unwanted animals face? And by the way black animals are the least adopted from shelters as well as ugly ones. Be an animal hero, go adopt one. A black one. An old one, A blind one, A deaf one. Just please go adopt one. More than that make a true member of your family living inside, playing and being loved and cherised by you. You will be glad you did. Please repost this a thousand times over. Thank you for reading it. And giant hugs from me to you if you do adopt or help out in any way. I would love to see pics.

Alyssa Milano You Are A Hero!!!!!

Alyssa saved a dog’s life because she refused to look the other way and not say anything. She is doing good with the money she earns. In this article by Yahoo Shine you can read about how she saved a Jindo mix named Bomi whose was living a horrid life destined to become someone’s meal.

Yes I have heard a thousand time over “you can’t save the world”. Guess what? I don’t believe that. I never will. If everyone would just do their part, large or small we could save the world. All it takes is for someone to speak up. For someone to step up. For someone to be brave. For someone to care. For someone to be willing to walk up to the fence to give a dog extra food or water or a loving pat.

Don’t keep silent. Don’t turn a blind eye. Several dogs in my area have been helped during this horrible cold spell by people who were brave enough to speak up and or step up.

Alyssa Milano you are an animal hero!

A Bird in a Spiderweb?


Yes that is what I found last night over the front door. It was a baby dove. Now the spiderweb was stuck to it pretty good. I used a stick to remove it and I could feel that it was stuck. I had to pry at it two or three times. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was worried that the spider had killed the poor little bird. But it flew off as I was on the third brush with the stick. I never touched the bird just the web. The photo is terrible and that is pretty much how I saw it first. I really couldn’t tell what it even was. It was very creepy looking!

These spider webs are getting to be a little much. When they start trapping birds that is a little scary.

Darla Showing You Her Good Side, Oh I mean Her Serious Side





No Prison Time

woman who admitted abandoning a dog later found at the bottom of a trash chute

Curtis, 29, admitted that she left the pit bull tied to a railing outside her Newark apartment building in 2011 when she left town for a week.

NO prison time is why these abuses continue to happen. NOT enough prison time is why dog fighting continues to happen along with our wonderul president who condones the fighting by inviting Michael Vick, a known dog fighter, to the White House. Disgusting, all of you.

One More Example of Evilness

There isn’t any other way to put this. This is evil. If you are this stupid then not only should you not ever be allowed to own another animal you should not be allowed to drive either.
Car pulls crate behind it with a dog in it. Open to the elements. No water. No room to move. Exposed to exhaust fumes. Is this how you would transport your child you fucking idiot?! Then don’t do it too a dog either.

Can you not imagine this dog’s fear?! How can you not? Are you not human? Do you not have a soul? A heart? Do you bleed red blood? It sure isn’t warm blood, it’s obviously cold. A dog’s soul wish in life is to be as physically close to its owner as possible at all times. Get the proper size crate and put it in the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Better yet give the dog to someone who will act like a responsible adult, someone who will love it, treat it properly and take care of it.

And by the way I don’t approve of cows, or chickens being transported this way either! It’s wrong. It’s mean and cruel.

Just a Few Scrambled Ramling Thoughts

If you never think for yourself and continue to do things just because that’s the way they have always been done how can you feel good about yourself?

Bad things aren’t ok just because everyone you have ever known have always participated in them. Does your heart and soul not work? Is it dead? I say the world is already full and overflowing with Zombies. People who are evil and cruel, many who walk among us now known as good and upstanding citizens.

All traditions are not good. tradition doesn’t make something right. Culture doesn’t make something right.

I don’t want to hear, but that’s the way it was back. Everyone thought and felt the same way. That’s not true. Or that’s the way it is over there. It’s still not right. You can either see right or wrong or you can’t.

My anger is justified and nothing will stop it. I will not change the way that I feel. I will not hide it. I won’t always be polite about it either. Injustice doesn’t deserve politeness nor can it wait on it.

Don’t be a Lemming.