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Afternoon light

Freed why?

The Lockerbie bomber was freed because he had cancer. I say so what! Ok well in my head I am saying a lot more than that.

Who gives a rat’s ass what was wrong with him. I don’t think any of the 270 dead people and their families do. Were they asked about this I wonder?

And now he is on death’s door. Boo Hoo. He has a few big surprises waiting around that door. Hope he enjoys them. Actually come to think of it, maybe he will linger and not in a coma but just at the edge of death’s door.

I haven’t heard anything about him repenting or being sorry. No apologies have been offered to any of the family members who lost their loved ones, not that I would ever accept it if I was in their place.

He was a cold-blooded evil murderer. May he not rest in peace but rot in hell.

The Skink

Pop of Sky

Wa ter great idea!

This great video from BoingBoing shows how students from MIT developed this light source for the slums of Manila where there is no electric grid. It’s a fabulous idea. I can’t believe no one has thought of this previously. It’s to simple.

I had to try it out for my self and see what it was like. I had a medium-sized box to use for now but as soon as it cools down I intend to try it out in our shed that has no windows. It does have electricity but free is always better if you only need light.

I did some experimenting and found that the water bottle actually worked better than the popular solar garden lights. Then again I guess I should have used more than one solar light.

There are so many ways this could be used to help people or just to save money. I’m also thinking of ways to enhance the idea.

You may also want to read The Gospel of Father Joe by Greg Barrett.¬† It sheds a lot of light on the plight of the women and children who live in the slums of Manila. A lot of people don’t always have the same choices that we have. I urge you to read this book.

Really?! Child killers set free

People don’t let your dogs or your children out of your sight. We have now asscended into the bowels of hell. Michael Vick gets a slap on the wrist and goes back too becoming a high paid ball player, now these three men are set free! What the hell is going on? One of these men confessed and there was evidence to convict them. The article says if they re-offend they would be sent back to prison. What? And how would that help the victim of their re-offense!!!! Another small child would be tortured and killed! If, if! What about you stupid judge? Do you have any children, grandchildren? You must not or you are the biggest idiot around. You too are a sick bastard.

Dog Owners Beware!

Here is a video about dognapping. They say it has risen by fifty percent in the last year in the US. Please pass this along to any friends who may not have seen it.

Michael Vick

You are a sick evil bastard. Everyone who fights dogs are sick evil bastards. How you treat an animal reflects the way you would treat a person. You still don’t get it. You are not remorseful, you still don’t care. You are clueless therefore obviously soulless. You disgust me. This article says it all.

America is slowly disapearing

Chalk it up!

Upon first sight I thought this was a rather odd choice for a headboard but then I realized it’s perfect. Perfect for all of those middle of the night ideas that we can never remember in the morning. Sometimes a pad of paper and a pen just are not large enough to hold those sparks of genius.

I think I would make a smaller frame that fit right above the mattress for a more fitted look.

Just one of the many interesting and fun ideas from Do It Yourself Magazine. Click on over and check it out.