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Be Brave, Just Do Something!

I adore this story! The Homeless Coder

A man who had knowledge was willing to share it. He completely changed someone’s life because he was kind enough to share what he had. He was not worried about someone else becoming better than he was or making more money or getting ahead of him. He shared from his heart and changed a life. That is a huge deal. That is a good man. A great human being.

How can you help someone? Just do it!

The Magical, Friendly, Cheerful, Fun Piano!

I love this idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could sit there all day and watch the different people have fun with this piano. All of the people who enjoy it and take part in it are so much fun and many are so talented.

One More Example of Evilness

There isn’t any other way to put this. This is evil. If you are this stupid then not only should you not ever be allowed to own another animal you should not be allowed to drive either.
Car pulls crate behind it with a dog in it. Open to the elements. No water. No room to move. Exposed to exhaust fumes. Is this how you would transport your child you fucking idiot?! Then don’t do it too a dog either.

Can you not imagine this dog’s fear?! How can you not? Are you not human? Do you not have a soul? A heart? Do you bleed red blood? It sure isn’t warm blood, it’s obviously cold. A dog’s soul wish in life is to be as physically close to its owner as possible at all times. Get the proper size crate and put it in the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Better yet give the dog to someone who will act like a responsible adult, someone who will love it, treat it properly and take care of it.

And by the way I don’t approve of cows, or chickens being transported this way either! It’s wrong. It’s mean and cruel.

Just a Few Scrambled Ramling Thoughts

If you never think for yourself and continue to do things just because that’s the way they have always been done how can you feel good about yourself?

Bad things aren’t ok just because everyone you have ever known have always participated in them. Does your heart and soul not work? Is it dead? I say the world is already full and overflowing with Zombies. People who are evil and cruel, many who walk among us now known as good and upstanding citizens.

All traditions are not good. tradition doesn’t make something right. Culture doesn’t make something right.

I don’t want to hear, but that’s the way it was back. Everyone thought and felt the same way. That’s not true. Or that’s the way it is over there. It’s still not right. You can either see right or wrong or you can’t.

My anger is justified and nothing will stop it. I will not change the way that I feel. I will not hide it. I won’t always be polite about it either. Injustice doesn’t deserve politeness nor can it wait on it.

Don’t be a Lemming.

Near Death Experiences

This article from news indicates that many people think a near death experience is maybe just a hallucination. Or a lack of oxygen, maybe even caused my particular medicines. I suppose that I can only speak for myself. I have had a death experience. I don’t call it a near death experience because that’s not how I see it. It didn’t nearly happen, it did happen.

I have also had hallucinations caused by medicines at a completely different time of life. I know the difference between the two occurrences. They are nowhere near the same thing.

The hallucinations caused by medicines were never pleasant. They were always very frightening. The death experience on the other hand was not only pleasant but I was aware enough just before it happened to wave to a family member and say good-bye, I have to go now, beforehand.

It’s not something I am prepared to write more fully about at this time but to those whose friends or family members inform you of a similar experience don’t be so quick to dismiss it. By the way in my case there was no light or tunnel but there was an unearthly peace.

Silly Putty Anti-Foaming Agent In Kraft Mac And Cheese

This is outrageous! Yellow #5 and Yellow #6 are still being used by food manufacturers in the USA! Read your labels people. Please re-blog for our kid’s sake.

Thank you ever so much Leake and Vani Hari.


Mother Theresa A Jerk? Maybe

Many, many years ago I read three books about Mother Teresa. The first two were exactly what you thought they would be. They painted a picture of a wonderful, saintly woman who did so much for the sick and poor.

The third book however brought up a lot of questions and pointed towards a woman not quite as nice as everyone would like to believe. In Mother Teresa: Beyond The Image by Anne Sebba I distinctly remember a part where someone overheard her crossly snatch away a literal crumb of bread that a person was hiding. She scolded them for hiding food and if they didn’t believe God was going to take care of them. We are talking about a sick and dying person who was malnourished and used to being hungry. I don’t see Mother Teresa’s actions with that person as being very Godly or kind and loving. That book really opened my eyes and I have thought differently about her ever since. It seems she wanted the fame although not the money and did not care that much about people. It was also as if she were gathering up points with God for doing good works which the Bible clearly states can not be done. Jesus and Jesus alone paid for our salvation by his blood.

So I challenge you, read the book for yourself and see what you think. Anytime you read about someone you need to get more than one perspective. We all know that the media monster hypes what they want us to see and that is not always the truth.

Animal Hoarders and Backyard Breeders

Please pass this story on to everyone! If you think you may know of someone doing this then call Animal Control. Don’t just ignore it. Please read this story of a little dog named Rosie. Remember animals cannot help themselves, we have to be their hero.

Joaquin Phoenix is an Animal Hero!

Three cheers for Joaquin Phoenix!  An actor using his skills and fame for good. Now that is an acting job that deserves a Oscar. He depicts the last minutes of a dying fish. If you have severe asthma then you can relate. I have had a near death experience from an attack so I know exactly how the fish feels. It is horrible and very painful. So when I see fishermen hold up a fish bragging about it and you can see it’s gills heaving in and out desperately grasping for air I know what that feels like. I too grieve for the fish. Not to mention their is a huge metal hook stuck through it’s mouth. Can you not imagine the pain for yourself? Can you really not imagine it? If not then watch this ad that Joaquin made for PETA. I personally don’t feel it’s anywhere near a strong enough depiction. Yet they were told it’s too political and controversial by ABC. Yet it’s ok for Hardee’s fast food to show an almost naked woman eating a burger as if she is having sex with it on the beach. What a load of bull. The media is the new mafia. The mafia of mind control.

Enslaved Children

Watch this video clip about enslaved children in India. Children are forced to work in horrible conditions and trapped as slaves to make cheap products sold in the West. DO NOT buy cheap crap, as in Dollar Store items. Buying cheap crap keeps the thugs in business who steal and enslave these children.