Monthly Archives: June 2011

Hair Fun

Not mine. My daughters. She came over so I could color her hair. Then I had to style it. My own barbie doll.

Make a Wish

A Girl and Her Dog, Before and After

Before and After, Leashes

Before and After, Light Pole

The Sweetest, Smartest Kitty Ever!

This is breathtaking. To think a sweet little cat can do this. It just melts my heart to pieces. I hope Nora’s owner doesn’t mind me sharing this. I just love it. I knew you would to.

Bugs, Parent and Baby

Molly on White

Look Grammie I Found A Skink

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When you get to the part about the geese if you don’t cry or come close to it then you must not be human. I had no idea that geese were that way. It’s hearbreaking and heavenly at the same time.┬áThank God for these loving angels who helped these animals.