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Great Beading Tutorial

I found a great beading tutorial on YouTube today that I wish I had watched before I made my mother in law’s necklace.


I have watched several others but this lady covers so much from beginning to end of making a bracelet and also includes information interchangeably for a necklace. She discussed why the clasps should be added at the end unlike other videos that showed one end being put on first then starting to string the beads. She talked a lot about crimping beads and why it’s a good idea to buy sterling silver ones as opposed to the cheap two dollar ones. I had not seen a wire guard used before so that was very helpful as well.  She also went over measurements and how to do that correctly. You get to see how she finished the necklace which is slightly tricky if you have never done it before!  So I saw all of the mistakes that I made but I think I can fix them without too much trouble.

She has a pleasant and consistent speaking voice and not too loud or too soft. The pace is steady and not boring or too fast. I highly recommend this video if you want to get into beading and making jewelry! It is suitable for adults and children.

Rustic Hammered Copper Bracelet On Etsy

My latest piece on Etsy.

Eight Strand Beaded Memory Wire Bracelet

Now available in my Etsy shop is this eight strand beaded memory wire bracelet.

Horizontal Copper Hammered Ring

These rings are fun and easy to make and wear.

I Won!

A present from Helen’s Adornment’s Blog. Beautiful handmade earrings. Made by Helen of course. They were made as part of a blog hop using beads. She did a great job. Now if you would please, click on over and see the gorgeous glass beads that she makes, they are beautiful and fun. Below is the photo of how she beautifully packaged the earrings that I won and a photo of them. Great spring colors.


I had so much fun making these! I will be making a lot more. The wire wrapping is called the Herringbone weave. Here is a link to my Etsy Shop for this one.

And this one.

Etsy Necklace

My friend and often times muse gave me this nice square piece to work with. The idea of what to do with it came almost immediately. I used a tape transfer that I had made quite a few years ago. Here is a link to my Etsy store if you would like more information on this necklace.