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No Breeding!

Look at the pictures on this page. There are new ones every single day. This is the reason that dog and cat breeding should be severely limited and licensed. There are far too many animals that people get and then realize they don’t really want them and this happens to them. Yes some of these animals are honestly lost. And a lot of those will never make it back home and will die a horrible death at the pound. The pounds and shelters are over flowing with these sad, pitiful animals. This is where you should get a pet not from a breeder. Do something good instead of greedy.

This Is Why I Take In Every Stray…

and try as hard as I can to find their owners.  The story below is copied from a listing of animal control offices. It is not my story.


DO NOT TAKE ANIMALS HERE EVER.‎ – ‎ – 2010-06-10
KILLED MY DOG. DENIED HE WAS THERE FOR 3 DAYS. Finally admitted they killed him as soon as he arrived. Claimed he has a broken back. BS!!! It was a senior dog with arthritis causing a curve in spine. AND they had my phone number I called SUN, MON, TUES, WED……they denied he was there. I could have taken him to MY vet. He was not their property!!!! HE WAS MY BEST FRIEND and LOVED DEARLY!! The girl who took him there thought she was doing me a favor so I could easily find him. That was not the case. They ignored my messages leaving information on Sunday and denied he was there for 3 more days. This should be CRIME. Have you ever seen video of what they do to animals???
Watch this before you ever take an animal there.
Anyone who can watch that without wanting the throw up is not human, let alone HUMANE!!
Have you ever seen what an entire industrial dump truck full of dead cats and dogs looks like? I have and it was at THAT SPCA when I had volunteered there. Also freezers full of dead cats.
I’m not some PETA enviro whack job either. I am a concerned citizen for living, feeling, creators who have no voice for themselves.
DO NOT have any animal piced up by animal control or the police or drop an animal at the SPCA. It is a hell on earth and a slaughter house.
May they answer to their god for murdering my dog in cold blood as soon he arrived and then LIED over and over.
I WILL EXPOSE YOU SPCA!!!!!! My best friend’s death will NOT be in vain. People need to understand exactly what you are and it is any BUT humane.

This is part of the reason I have searching like a mad woman for the last few days for very sick and abused Great Dane who is lost.  She was brought to my house to stay for one night before going to a foster home.  She jumped the fence and ran off when I turned my head for just a minute.

She had been so abused that I don’t think she knew what to do with someone treating her nicely. She is skin and bones. I have never seen a dog like that before. Her spirit seemed dead.

So if you live in SC and see a black Great Dane with a white neck and feet who is nothing but bones please get in touch with me through the blog.  I don’t have photo because she wasn’t here long enough to for me to take one. She is very gentle.

Luna Looks Like A Pig In The Sunlight

Please Help The Great Ones

Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love located in Thomasville NC could use any help that you could offer. Remember every little bit counts! Take a few minutes to look at the beautiful dogs they have available and it will surely make you smile.  Then click over to their medical donations page and give a little, or give until it hurts. Your choice.  🙂