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I’m Feeling a Little Blue


I think this piece is from The Welsh Beaker Company but I am not sure. If anyone knows anything about it please let me know. From the very little that I was able to discover on the internet The Welsh Beaker Company is no longer in business. There is no stamp or signature of any kind on the bottom of this piece and the only thing similar that I could find on e-bay were four mugs also with a ship called Wanderer on them. I do have this for sale on e-bay. There is not a chip on it which is amazing. If it doesn’t sell I will be very happy to keep it for myself.


This beautiful blue plate is Churchill made in Staffordshire¬†England. I met a wonderful woman in the thrift store who wanted to tell me all about the pottery, dinnerware etc. Fabulous! I listened and followed her around as she told about anything we saw there that was worth talking about. I think she said she had worked in several antique stores plus she was on the older side. She said this particular brand was a notch down from Blue Willow. Oh I would love to have some Blue Willow. I would love to have my grandmother’s Blue Willow but I have no idea where that is. I’m not normally a huge fan of the color blue unless I am wearing it but this piece is so quite cheery against my yellow walls so it stays with me.



I also really like these two little white and blue, Blue Heritage (made in England) saucers and they will go on the wall with other as soon as I get some more plate hangers. The cute little Eskimo plate is a collectible from Royal Copenhagen for Mother’s Day. It is on e-bay as well.

These next two pieces are made by a company called Salmon Falls, the top piece is the Blue Vine pattern and the bottom piece is the Berry Vine pattern.





I think these little blue cups may be by Corel not sure. I like their delicateness.


Last but not least in the blue mood is this beautiful earthen mug. I could not read the stamp on the bottom so I have no idea if it is from a set or handcrafted by someone. I just love it’s luster. I love that you can see the smooth earthy clay but it’s shiny at the same time. It’s the best of both worlds, rustic and not. There is just something about it. It is also on e-bay but I will be glad to keep this one as well. If anyone knows anything about let me know!


Afresheet, Interesting, Weird…You Decide

I just saw this product over on The Decorologist blog and it is well lets say different. A sheet with pull off layers. Seven pull off layers for a clean fitted sheet. Watch the video below.


At first it does seem really odd but think about how that might just work for children especially after they get sick in the middle of the night or while they are potty training. Also how about the elderly or someone very ill that shouldn’t be moved a lot. I think this guy just might be on to something even if it does seem a little strange at first.

If you think it’s a great idea then chip in a little help the guy out. It might just be your sick kids bed that is easier to change in the middle of the night one night thanks to him.

Amelie’s French Bakery = Heaven On Earth!
















This one is in Rock Hill, South Carolina and there is another one in Charlotte, North Carolina.