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Now That’s cooking!

A most unusual cookbook has hit the market. ‘Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking’. I knew some of you would be extremely interested in this. I would love to see it just because of fabulous photographs of the unusual foods. It seems to be a cookbook that will push cooking to the edge and beyond. Move over Betty Crocker there’s a new chef in town.

How does this price tag grab you? Would you pay this much for a cookbook? $625

After You Shoot (a gun in shelf defense)

I came across this most unusual and interesting book this afternoon. After You Shoot by Alan Korwin. He mentions some things that I have never thought about and hope that I never need too. He talks about calling 911 for help if you are ever in the situation of confronting and shooting an intruder and what that does to your legal rights.

The bookstore (the best place to be)

It was the Goodwill this time around.  The little book on the top of the pile is a beautiful little pop-up book about the birth of Jesus.  Teacher Man by Frank McCourt sounded interesting but I could not read Angela’s Ashes written by him because it was so very sad and depressing.  The Last Sin Eater by Francine Rivers is a great book about suffering, seeking, and redemption.  It is set in the Great Smokey Mountains and revolves around a little girl named Cadi and a person known as the sin eater. During the early nineteenth century in the lowlands of Scotland and the Welsh border district Sin eaters were a common practice.  It’s a fascinating story.  The top and bottom books are for my grandson.

The bookstore (the best place to be)