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Hello, how are you?

Well come on, can’t you see I’m bending over backwards to talk to you?

Beautiful In Death

High Heels

I just realized that Gene Simmons can walk in high heels and I can’t. There’s something very wrong about that. I have to acquire a pair and start practicing my walk.

Army Wives, The TV Show

For the last three maybe four episodes of the tv show Army Wives I have accidentally been on the right channel at the right time, and felt compelled to watch it.  Tonight’s episode was particularly hard to watch.

There was a huge deployment.  Of course it involved most of the characters who are soldiers.  The directors did a magnificent job of relating the emotions that  families suffer when a member deploys.  The fear, doubt, loss and pain, not one emotion was spared.  All was played out with such  intensity as to draw us into their pain and suffering with great earnestness.

Whether or not you support the war, whether or not you understand the war, the right thing to do is to support the troops and their families either in thought, deed, or prayer.

They are wives, husbands, children, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and friends.  People.  Just people trying to do their job.

I have been a child of the Air Force and an Air Force wife.  Because of unusual circumstances I didn’t experience these times with the intensity that most do but I can understand the difficulties that the families have to go through.

I also know that there are good and bad people on both sides of the battleground.  Most of us are only called to be responsible for ourselves and a few around us.  So instead of spreading more hatred, evil and meanness spread compassion, healing, love and support.

I write like
Margaret Mitchell

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No way, I couldn’t live without a car for a year

Despite living in the middle of town I don’t live close enough to a grocery store, library (anymore), or anything of any importance to be able to walk too. If city leaders want to revitalize main street America then that’s where they should build those amenities. Not the off-hand knick- knack stores they put there now.

Think about all of the suburbs that could use these things to make the world a better place. If everyone had these things within walking distance then a lot individual cars could be eliminated. Build more amenities in smaller sizes. Not the pricey fancy little fake towns that are so popular right now. Those are not for the average middle class person.

There will still be people who will have to have a car to get around. People who live out in the countryside.  A lot of progress could be gained in this area if the ones in charge would think logically about the problem.

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