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Do what you can , please

I am totally happy with myself today. I actually made it to the humane society and walked a dog! Probably the only dog who wanted to eat more than walk. At least he did his business and had a slight stroll.

I am really going to try to do this more often. It just has to be done. So think about what you can do to help your local shelter. While running errands can you stop in and walk one dog for a few minutes? Or spend one afternoon walking several? Maybe one saturday a month cleaning cages? How about picking up a load of laundry to do? I found out today that I can even pick up just a load that needs to be dried. Can you buy an extra bag of dog or cat food to donate? How about when they are on sale BOGO? Recently I went to Goodwill and purchased 7 little baby receiving blankets to donate. It only cost 7 dollars. But seven little sweeties will have a soft blanky to lay on. If you really think about it I am sure there are many ways that you can help out. So won’t you please think about it and help out a local shelter? Thank you if you do!!!

Tornado safety

Yes we have all always heard that you are supposed to go to a basement. The only problem there is that a lot of people no longer have basements or in the case of most people in the south they have almost never been built into houses. One more thing to hate about the south if you ask me. Anyway the point of this post is to get everyone thinking about where would you go if you had the time to plan ahead in the case of a tornado. I read that the people of Alabama knew for several days that extremely powerful storms were due to hit that area. Sometimes it is a paralyzing fear of not knowing what to do in such situations that prevent us from doing something proactive. So a neighbor and I are giving this much thought. Within our two or three block area there are two rather large sturdy long-standing brick buildings one of which we think has a lower level and two churches with basements. So now we thinking about plans to contact these places to see if they would open their facilities to the neighborhood if need be. It doesn’t really matter as we will be there breaking in if we have too. We just thought it might go faster or better if we had let them know first.

So now is the time to put your thinking caps on. Where could you go if you had too? A strong old brick building? A large brick church? The freezer of a fast food store? Any place with a lower level, a basement, or industrial freezer. If you have any creative ideas please pass them on to the rest of us.

A Magical Royal Wedding

Yes I stayed awake all night long and watched all of the festivities! And it was well worth every minute!

I watched it with my daughter who wasn’t terribly familiar with a lot of the people. I watched Princess Diana’s wedding with my newborn son in my arms. So this was great fun to share with my daughter. We were quite impressed with the scripture reading from Romans. Many of the prayers were about drawing strength from God to uphold this union in a faithful manner unlike some in the past. Too bad there was not a huge photograph of Diana there that certain people would have had to stare at. Or at least a candle lit in her honor.

I thought Cate was impressively composed and so very beautiful. She looked strong and confident. Prince William seemed truly happy unlike another someone from years past. I loved the way Prince Harry looked back to see Cate coming down the aisle then turned too William and said with a huge smile, she is so beautiful.

This was truly a magical fairytale wedding the start of a wonderful marriage that I think will be a great adventure, a happy fulfilling companionship and love filled life.

I am not kidding. Another dog.

Is there an invisible sign in my yard that only dogs can read? Here is another lost dog. Sweet as can be. Very old. Old and fat. A basset/beagle mix. Needs a bath. Collar is on the verge of being too small. He is a he. And he digs and escapes. My neighbor made him very comfortable in his fenced yard for me. What a nice man he is. The dog already escaped three times. No wonder he is lost. The poor thing spent the night on a porch down the road last night. We had a horrible thunderstorm. The very tip edge of the storms that hit Alabama. This guy was driving by and asked us about the dog. We thought he belonged down the street so we offered to go get him and take him home. It wasn’t that dog. That dog was already at home. Ugh. My daughter and I drove all around and talked to a million people. Nice people but not the dogs owners. No we did not find them. Oh dear God please send this poor sweet fat dog’s owners and let be nice people.

Little Ones

Grammie: I have to call the fix it man, our air conditioner is broken!

Grandson: Ours was broken and we called the air conditioner man, why don’t you call him instead?

The little lost dog, a happy ending!

That beautiful little doggie lived right down the street from me. I had no idea that those people had two Chihuahuas. This one stayed inside all the time so I had never seen it. It’s the same house where the golden retriever lives who bit me! I am so happy to have found it’s owner. It was such a cutie pie but my cat was not happy about it. I could have cuddled that little one all day ever day and that wouldn’t have set too well with my sweet Darla. So all has ended well.

Another day, another dog

I was in my second sleep of the day when my partner in crime oh I mean partner in dog saving, my neighbor called to tell me too look out of the window at the little lost dog roaming around. I looked. couldn’t see a thing. Finally I saw it. Such a tiny little chihuahua. Is that how you spell it? Anyway I tried and tried to get close to it or get it too come to me. No luck. We live a block from a pretty busy intersection so was I was very worried. It didn’t look like any of the dogs I knew in the neighborhood. I put water out for it and prayed. I had no idea how to help it. Later in the afternoon my dog barked to let me know she saw it across the street. I managed to get closer to it. Then I had the idea to herd it into my neighbor’s yard as he has no dogs. As I was doing that he came and gave me some gloves. I decided that if I was ever going to be bitten by a stray dog this would be the time and I would just have to take that chance, as there was no way I was going to let this little tiny dog continue to wander around in the business park where it was. It had already crossed the road several times. I managed to pet it without it biting me so I went for it and picked it up. No biting even though it was scared to death. I put it into my neighbor’s yard where it would be safe while I thought about the problem. Then I touched it again to check the tag. No name just a petmed number. So I called the number and of course got a recording. Ugh. I love the little dog but I am sure someone must be worried sick about it. Surely it’s lost and not thrown out. Not with a collar and tag on it. I am just relieved that it finally ate some food and drank some water. It’s backbone was showing. I can’t believe how little and sweet it is. Poor little thing. So far I think my average of finding lost dogs is about one a month. I am really going to have to come up with some better plans to handle this. I am not good with spur of the moment or surprises.

Oh yes I called the police department and left my number there. I will call animal control tomorrow if no one calls me from the number that I left with petmed and I made a huge sign to put out on the light pole.


I have called Animal Control in my county twice about animals that need help and it has been very frustrating. I got the runaround. And they ask for your personal information. What are they idiots. I’m not giving you my name, phone number and address so the people whom I have called them on can come and harass me.

The big boss man that I talked to last time sounded like a big boss man from the south. I don’t know if he had the huge beer gut or was smoking a big cigar but he sure as hell had the dumbass I don’t give a shit drawl. He said to me, so you haven’t actually been in the yard? You just drive by it. I described a yard that was not fit to keep an animal in. Let alone two animals. I described huge chains that were far too heavy and short for the dogs they were attached too. I described inadequate housing. I told him no matter what time of the day or night I have driven by I have never see either dog off of the chains or walked. I have never seen anyone in the yard playing with them or showing them any affection. None of this bothered him in the least. He did seem bothered to be talking to someone about it thought. Well he’s going to become a lot more bothered if I go by that way one more time and see no improvement in those dogs lives.

Casualty of the storm

This poor beautiful mother American Robin was found two doors down in my neighbor’s yard, on its last leg I might say. Poor thing it was so stressed and scared. It had a broken left leg and even sadder she had sat so desperately on the nest during the storm that she squashed her egg. I can just imagine her with her claws digging into the nesting material with all their little scrawny might. The wind howling and hail raining down her for a good solid 30 minutes. Maybe she had a heart attack and then was blown from the nest. We looked around and didn’t find an empty nest. Although I did quite unexpectedly find one in my yard today. At first I thought for sure it must have belonged to her but I don’t think so. That seems too far away and the wind was blowing the other direction. She wouldn’t have been out flying in that horrible mess. First here is the beautiful sweet American Robin who died in my hands. All I can think is at least it didn’t die being eaten by a cat.

I was so surprised when I found this nest today right outside my kitchen window. I am always looking out of this window how could I not have seen a bird building this. It’s large and very well made. I am so impressed with it. There has never been a nest in this clump of shrubs before it’s more like a landing ground in mid-flight. A little layover spot.