Monthly Archives: May 2012

Little Leaf

This isn’t exactly what you think of this time of the year but I found it in the yard and I thought it to be so beautiful with it’s skin of many colors.

Ribbons For A Cause

I just discovered this site that I wanted to share with everyone because not only does it take a village to raise a child, a village is good support at any age. Please take a look at this site and help where you can. A dollar here, fifty cents there, it all helps.

Monkey Business

This monkey business is no fun or profit for the monkeys. What makes people think they can do this to an innocent animal? What gives them the right? Has science not evolved beyond this point yet? This is intolerable. Islands around the lowlands of SC are being used to raise monkeys for research! This is no business for monkeys or any animal.

We were made higher than the animals to protect them and care for them, not use and abuse them. We have no right to do this.

Most Beautiful Mermaid Ever!

These are thirteen of the most beautiful mermaid photographs I have ever seen. Check them out!

Ready For An Egg

Nature From Nancy

Nancy from Spirit Lights The Way shared this with me this morning and I have to share it with you. This is the most beautiful nature video ever! It’s magical! It’s sure to lift your spirit! And Richard Scott from Uphill Writing is the one who shared it with Nancy. So now you a few new things to check out today. Have a great one!


From a cat segment on ABC’s Goodmorning Ammerica, cats love the smell of Obession by Calvin Klein. Here are some other cat tips that can help you keep your kitty happy.

Mother Or Not

I hope your day was perfect.

Check It Out

Check out this most fabulous house!

My First Watercolor

So much fun! Lots of mistakes. I always like to jump in first and then learn more later. So any constructive comments from real painters are welcome. I know I have always had a problem with perspective. I have never taken the time to study it and it doesn’t come naturally to me.