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Happy Cows, Happy Milk

Photo by: Quaddles on Deviant Art   iconquaddles

What lucky cows these girls are. Ok well not those exact girls in the picture but maybe.  More and more dairy cows are getting chiropractic treatments, classical music to listen too and even waterbeds to sleep on! I am so happy for these cows. I miss my waterbed but it did not go with Fibromyalgia. I would wake up crooked in whatever shape I had melted into and then couldn’t get out of bed. Read more about the interesting ways that some oh so nice farmers are pampering their beautiful girls.

Little Leaf

This isn’t exactly what you think of this time of the year but I found it in the yard and I thought it to be so beautiful with it’s skin of many colors.

Ribbons For A Cause

I just discovered this site that I wanted to share with everyone because not only does it take a village to raise a child, a village is good support at any age. Please take a look at this site and help where you can. A dollar here, fifty cents there, it all helps.

Maybe You Should Walk A Mile In Their Shoes

Or drive a few in their car. Delivery drivers that is. Just a reminder as you go about your weekend to be patient, kind and generous in your tips to delivery people. So you food is a little late, it was probably too hot anyway.

Those of us who don’t have that type of job probably tend to sometimes expect too much. They can’t find our house or even the street. Maybe they are new to the city and don’t have a fancy new GPS system. Maybe they are “slow” and that’s the only job they can get. At least they are trying, right?

Why make life any harder for someone who might already have a hard time. It’s not as if anyone grows up saying they want to be a delivery person.

So whatever the problem might be, cut them a break, be nice. Then smile and say thank you like you mean it.

Monkey Business

This monkey business is no fun or profit for the monkeys. What makes people think they can do this to an innocent animal? What gives them the right? Has science not evolved beyond this point yet? This is intolerable. Islands around the lowlands of SC are being used to raise monkeys for research! This is no business for monkeys or any animal.

We were made higher than the animals to protect them and care for them, not use and abuse them. We have no right to do this.

Most Beautiful Mermaid Ever!

These are thirteen of the most beautiful mermaid photographs I have ever seen. Check them out!

Ready For An Egg