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You Study Spider Penis’ For A Living?

This is too funny. Exactly how do they know when a spider is a virgin?

BVO Poisoning

This is a good article discussing Brominated Vegetable Oil and it’s health effects. Don’t get overly excited if you want to say oh maybe that is causing my fibromyalgia, no. I have had that for twenty-something years and I have not always drank moutain dew.

Sometimes It’s Good To Complain

Sometimes if you complain loud enough and often enough you will get results even after being told no far too many times. When it involves someone’s welfare or an animal’s welfare it is well worth it. Yahoo! Finally I have gotten help for an animal that needed it! I kept hearing that everything was according to the law, well the law sucked so I told them so. Many, many times. Sorry I can’t say exactly what the problem was although I am sure those kind of people don’t even know how to use a computer let alone read a blog! Suffice it too say I am a happy complainer.

Cheetahs Riding In The Front Seat!

I’m not sure which is stranger and funnier, the story or the comments on the story. Read this about cheetahs being transported via the front seat of a car, not caged.

The Heart and the Fist

The Heart and the Fist by Eric Greitens is a most interesting and inspiring book. This guy is a great man among men.  He has truly lived an adventurous, interesting and giving life.

He has traveled to many refugee camps helping out as much as possible.  He was a Rhodes Scholar who became a Navy Seal. This is one good man.

His easy going style of writing makes one feel as if they are sitting down for coffee with a best friend whilst they tell the story of their charitable and unique world adventures.

This book would be a wonderful gift for an older teen interested in humanitarian work and to inspire those who aren’t moving in that direction or for any guy considering joining the Navy Seals Team.

I Love This Sledding Bird!

Of course this crow is just having fun, what else would he/she be doing? Cleaning the roof? I am a huge fan of crows.  If the ones that wake me up in the mornings would do something this entertaining I would get  up a lot more enthusiastically.

Funny Tattoos

From the Ellen Show, Shine on Yahoo,

These tattoos are so funny, I wanted to share them just in case you haven’t seen them.

The Trading Jar

My neighbor gave us this jar last week filled to the brim with his delicious home-made vegetable soup. It was hearty and filling. This man likes to cook and does it very well. As a lot of you know I do not like to cook but every once in awhile I am inspired to try something. I have always made chocolate oatmeal cookies just not in many many years. So I made some yesterday and put some in the jar. I dressed it up with a ribbon and after taking the picture I added a matching tag that said, The Trading Jar. So I will let you know what I get back in the jar.

Little Mouse

After reading Robert Burns, To A Mouse on Nancy’s blog I wanted to share this beautiful little card that I have had for some time now.

I read the Standard English Translation and really enjoyed it. I would say that Robert Burns was quite a nice and admirable young man.  Quite the catch I would say.

I have had many pet mice and loved them so much. They were great fun, sweet and gentle.

Portrait Of A Heavy Heart