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You Study Spider Penis’ For A Living?

This is too funny. Exactly how do they know when a spider is a virgin?

BVO Poisoning

This is a good article discussing Brominated Vegetable Oil and it’s health effects. Don’t get overly excited if you want to say oh maybe that is causing my fibromyalgia, no. I have had that for twenty-something years and I have not always drank moutain dew.

ACTA – legislation

Just thought some of you might be interested in this.

I Give Up! The Dew

Well if this isn’t enough to scare the daylights out of someone I don’t know what is. Bad news for the Dew. Mountain┬áDew is the only way that I can ever have a normal day with a normal amount of energy. Coffee doesn’t work, tea doesn’t work. But since I now know that I have been drinking a flame retardant ingredient that is rather scary. Not to mention the other two bad things about it. I might as well say good-night and go to bed and never get up again.

Oh wait I forgot the one thing that really rocked my world and made for a beyond great day was Adderall. The side effects were not good at all though, so even though that was a far better solution than Mountain Dew that is out of the picture also. I give up.

Sometimes It’s Good To Complain

Sometimes if you complain loud enough and often enough you will get results even after being told no far too many times. When it involves someone’s welfare or an animal’s welfare it is well worth it. Yahoo! Finally I have gotten help for an animal that needed it! I kept hearing that everything was according to the law, well the law sucked so I told them so. Many, many times. Sorry I can’t say exactly what the problem was although I am sure those kind of people don’t even know how to use a computer let alone read a blog! Suffice it too say I am a happy complainer.

The Nanny State

I understand the problem the school is facing but it can’t be any worse than what schools have ever faced before. There are too many other ways for a kid to bring in contraband. Banning boots in school is absurd and going too far. Next they will have to all wear the same plain jumpsuit just like in jail.

This Is Bondage

There are many beautiful high-heeled shoes. I think most of them are dangerous and a lot of women look stupid wearing them. There are some women who can pull it off and some high heels that are not killers. This isn’t one of them. Why would any woman want to do this to herself? Why hinder your movement? Why risk a broken leg which looks highly possible with these shoes? Why do woman fall for this nonsense?

Charlotte Olympia 106mm Straw & Silk Wedges

Straw goes sculptural.

Charlotte Olympia 106mm Straw & Silk Wedges, $1,559,

Photo: Charlotte Olympia