Vegan Cauliflower Steak

I decided to cook a meal instead of making avocado with tomato or peanut butter and jelly toast or throwing together yet another sandwich. I should tell you that I hate to cook, so that makes being Vegan slightly more difficult for me.  Most of the organic ingredients were on hand to make Cauliflower Steak so I thought I would give it a try.  Here is the result:


Yes, I do realize that the crust on the steak looks a tad funny. That is because I accidentally poured the coconut milk into the bread crumbs by accident and then tried to just run with it. That did not work well, so I had to start over and actually dip the cauliflower into the milk and then into the crumb mixture and of course I forgot to use new crumbs and ended up with a paste. No problem, I mashed it all onto the cauliflower  cooked it and the sweet potatoes in some olive oil and it turned out  great! The tomato and cucumber are a nod to my Southern roots. We had those at almost every meal. This is something I will definitely cook again!


One large slice of cauliflower

Bread crumbs

A shake of cumin

A shake of curry

A shake of salt and pepper

A shake of garlic

Olive oil



Summer Flowers







Wood, Luna and Lavender





Waterfowl Rescue

If you live in the Charlotte, NC  area of the United States and want to help rescued birds, and other assorted animals please take the time to look at their website. Carolina Waterfowl Rescue.

They always need volunteers and donations. Volunteers do have to be at least 18 years old.

You can follow them on Instagram at waterfowlrescue.

Their services  help a lot of sick, injured and abandoned animals who are truly in need. It takes a lot of run this kind of non-profit organization so please consider a donation! Even a little can help a lot!


Buster says


Cups and Saucers!


As I was browsing through the tableware at Goodwill  I almost screamed with delight when I saw this tableware. It is the same as my grandmother’s tableware! I love it. The minute that I laid eyes on it I felt as if I were back in her kitchen.

Her small, pink kitchen with the light grayish/green table and green chairs very similar to the one below. I loved it but I didn’t get it when she passed away.

Photo from Kitchenchairs on

I can almost taste the hot chocolate she made for me in those cups. She made it with milk that she warmed on the stove top. My grandmother never had Nestle Quick; she used unsweetened Hershey Baking Powder and added sugar. This unusual and different mixture was soft and silky, warm and filling.

It filled me with more than warmth and nourishment. It filled me with memories. Memories of a grandmother who loved me and loved to cook. To her, cooking was a way to show love. She made everything from scratch because she was brought up on a farm. When my grandmother was older and my grandfather had passed away, my mom would often drive the hour to her house to stay with her for a few days as needed. My mom took a microwave and left it at my grandmother’s house but she never used it. She continued to use her  beloved stove, pots and pans to cook with. My grandmother was born in 1914 and passed away when she was ninety-two. I will cherish these cups and saucers and pass them along to my daughter.

Bug Skeleton

I have been working on learning how to create photo backgrounds with bokeh and blur. As I was looking through photos for one to use I came across this one that I had taken and managed to capture both effects with the camera! I think these little guys are so interesting.