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Where did the peace sign come from? on Shine

Cool I have always wanted to know this.

Where did the peace sign come from? on Shine.

Photograph Improvements

Your photograph didn’t come out exactly as you had hoped? No problem, fix it up with photo editing software such as Photoshop.
Below is an ordinary photo that I took in my kitchen during the middle of the day. The subject was sitting in a chair about two feet
from a window with indirect light coming through it. At first I glance the photo looks pretty good in general. But we know it could
look much better.

So I adjusted the levels using the droppers going from dark to light and then the middle dropper. Next I adjusted the brightness and
contrast just a bit. Now to make it really pop, use the dodge and burn tools. I used the dodge tool set at 25 and really it should have
been set at 20 or 15 to highlight the whites of the eye and the sparkle in the eye. Then I used the burn tool to darken the rim around
the iris and the lashline on top. Next I went back to the dodge tool to go around the iris, then made a slight moon shape on the bottom
left side of each one. I also used the dodge tool to slightly brighten the highlight around the lips. The spot healing brush was used to
remove a small speck of a blemish between the nose and eye. And just for fun I brightened up the highlights in his hair where the light
was already falling on it. At this point most photographs would need a little bit of sharpening but for people and sometimes animals I
like to use the blur tool. The setting I used for that was radius 10 and threshold 5. So there you go, brighter and more lifelike.
Well there are some bugs in this, do excuse me, its my first try at a tutorial.

Worlds Scariest Bridges

Which one(s) would you not travel across?

Worlds Scariest Bridges.

a-different-kind-of-eyeglasses: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance

I was about to get excited but as they say, if it sounds too good to be true then it is.   These glasses are really no better than reading glasses, unless I am missing something.  If they have to be readjusted when I look up from reading and want to walk around thats no better than removing reading glasses.  Nothing to get excited about at all.

a-different-kind-of-eyeglasses: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance.

Second Gordon Ramsay Chef Commits Suicide – omg! news on Yahoo!

Gordon Ramsey should be barred from television.  Has he never heard of constructive criticism?! It shouldn’t come as a shock that these people are committing suicide after being treated like this. Television is a wonderful tool that has take a drastically wrong turn. It has the potential to change the world for the better yet most shows are all about berating, embarrassing, harrassing, killing, and every other vile thing imaginable. There is no need for this plague of evil.

Second Gordon Ramsay Chef Commits Suicide – omg! news on Yahoo!.

The bookstore (the best place to be)

Iran crosses into Iraq to hit bombing suspects – Yahoo! News

If we are going to play the “you crossed the line” game then is Ahmadinejad going to voluntarily send himself to an Iraqi prison for a year? Fair is fair afterall.

Iran crosses into Iraq to hit bombing suspects – Yahoo! News.