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Purple Lightning

Honor The Real American Worker

These are the kind of people who should be held in high esteem, not the Kardashians. These grain elevator workers earned their money the good old-fashioned way. Honest work, not selling their vanity to the devil. These are the beautiful people. The people who really know the meaning and value of family,  marriage and money.

Beyond Stupid

Kim Kardashian is divorcing her husband after 72 days. You might as well have burned $20 million dollars in the furnace. How many starving kids would that have helped? How many abused women and children would it have helped? How many homeless shelters or animal shelters would it have helped. You don’t deserve your money. You are beyond stupid.

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Focus Snorty!

Daniel the Miracle Dog

This fabulous dog survived the gas chamber. I can’t believe we are still doing something so vile Hundreds Want Death-Defying Beagle Named Danieland cruel to animals. There has to be a better option.


Picture from Good Morning America

Some dogs and cats not only don’t get killed by the gas but end up being burned alive in the pile of animals that have been gassed. What did you think happened to them afterwards? Ever given it a thought. There has to be a better option.

What kind of person can do this job? I don’t want to know anyone like that. Even if that person starts off with some sort of good intentions and sound reasoning it has to do something horrible to their mental health. We can send a person to the moon but we can’t figure this out.

No animal should have to live through that or die that way. Can you just imagine their horror. They have to know what is about to happen. They have the best sense of smell ever and they are the most intuitive of animals. There has to be a better option.

Please, please donate to your local shelters and even vet’s offices for spaying and neutering to be done. Donate food, time, energy and love to the animals who are in shelters. If you don’t help them who will?

The Leaves Going Round and Round