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Psychics, Mediums, Readers

While most of us don’t believe in the abilities of these people sometimes it might seem tempting to just give it a try or to think what could it hurt. Well it could hurt a lot.

You aren’t being told the truth. Your loved one didn’t really say whatever you are told. God tells us in His Word not to have anything to do with psychics, mediums and readers.

So you might stay away from them but how are they fooling so many people? How do they make it look like the real deal? If you look up Cold reading on Wikipedia it tells you all about it. Cold readings, Warm readings, Shotgunning, Barnum Statements and the Rainbow ruse. So read up people, don’t be fooled! Knowledge is power!

Here is the link to the Wikipedia article.

Pitbull Safety

I had an interesting experience this afternoon. A friend in my neighborhood recently took in two dogs from a rescue to foster. When she got the first one, a large, strong, handsome faced blue Pit, I walked over to the fence to meet him. He was very friendly. No problems at all. I visited them several more times with no problem, even after she obtained another dog who was possibly a Pit mix. A very nice dog who was no problem either. So I thought how nice, they are treated well and have a great home and they are good dogs. No problem to be around. Until today.

They came outside and I along with another neighbor who has petted them many times before went to the fence as usual to pet them and the first one barked a bark from hell and acted very aggressive! The bark alone scared the daylights out of me. I didn’t try to pet him. My nieghbor did carefully put his hand towards him to see if he would calm down and lick him. NO! He tried to bite him! The foster-mother said that he seemed to have become very possessive of her in the last few days.

So my advice is not to fear all Pitbulls and never rescue one but to proceed with extreme caution and keep an eye on how the dogs attitude might change over time. The dog might appear calm and friendly for a while and then change for the worse. If a child was involved that would be very dangerous.

As I have mentioned before in another post, I have been chased and bitten by a Golden Retriever and kissed by a Pitbull who was days later given away because his owners thought he was getting dangerous. Be careful and extra observant if you have a dog who breed is considered by many to be dangerous. Don’t leave children alone with them or leave the dogs loose where they could possibly hurt other people or animals. When a neighbors small dog came outside the big dog ran to the fence aggressively and stood by him ready to grab if he decided to jump the fence. Then she took them inside because she recognized that this was not a safe situation.

In a few days they will unfortunately have to move on to another foster family. As much as we all want to think of dogs as cuddly and sweet man’s best friends they do have to have proper assessment and supervision.

Need a Tracking Number for Something You Mail?

I’m not so sure you do.

I am having a bit of trouble with something I sold on E-Bay. Of course the one thing that I didn’t pay for a tracking number for the person says they did not receive.

So I went back to my receipt that had several things on it one of which I did purchase a tracking number. The item that I did not buy a tracking number for had instead a PID number. Hmmm what’s that I thought. I typed it into USPS.COM and guess what? It’s a tracking number! It told me the exact route of my package and that it had in fact been delivered.

So why would anyone ever pay for a tracking number? Anyone know the answer to that?

Today Is A Good Day

It just is.

Today is a day the Lord made, rejoice and be glad in it!

Smile, bigger.

Christmas Card Box

I decided to make a “Christmas cards for next year” box. I only got around to sending a few Christmas cards at the last minute. I don’t always send cards but this year there were some that I really needed to send. And of course I completely forgot about my stash of cards that I bought last year on clearance. So I made myself a pretty box that will sit out where I can see it. My plan is to throw extra stamps in there every so often so that everything will be there at hand when the time comes next year. Whenever I purchase more ink for the printer I will print a label to go on the front of the box. I also plan to make a birthday card box. I am tired of scrambling at the last minute for these things. So it’s time to get organized. This is the year for it.

I used this Youtube Video to make the bow. Only I got bored almost right away and went out on my own. Maybe next time I will slow down and pay more attention. As you can see on the side there are many more so maybe you will find one you like better. I can’t belive how simple it is to make a bow really. Next year my presents will look much, much better.

My photo of the box came out terrible.

Great Hula Hoop Tutorial!

This is a really great Hula Hoop Tutorial for people like me who actually can not Hula Hoop. Yes it’s true I am Hula Hoop challenged. I guess I didn’t play with mine enough as a child. If you want to give it a try and just can’t keep it up :) then check out this tutorial. It really is great.


Evacuate the Animals Also

Here is the Evacsak that can be used as a hands free method of evacuating cats, kittens, small dogs and birds during an emergency. Keep it beside your pet’s food or on the coat rack. Somewhere that you can grab it fast. I keep my cat’s crate in the hall. Does it look good? No. But I know exactly where it is in an emergency. Now if I could just train her to go in it when it rains or storms! She is scared of rain so she immediately goes under the bed. When a storm does pop up I grab the dog’s harnesses and leashes and hang them on the door knob in the hall or put them on the dogs according to how bad the storm might become.

There is a lot of great information about taking care of and evacuating dogs, cats, birds and horses in the book, Out of Harm’s Way by Terri Crisp and Samantha Glen. If you have a pet you need to have this book. If like me you don’t want to read the horribly sad stories of the animals that she and others have rescued during catastrophic events then skip to the section in the back about how to handle evacuation preparedness. Trust me some of the animal rescue stories will never leave you.

Even if you don’t have pets I encourage you to read this book so you can help others who do. Family, friends or neighbors who have more than one pet would sure appreciate an extra hand during a difficult time. Maybe you could help an animal shelter. There will certainly and unfortunately be a huge need for help after a disaster and the more prepared you are the better help you can be.

Please recommend this book to all of your family and friends. Also please re-blog this post. Every animal deserves a fighting chance. We can help ourselves but they have to depend on us. Step up to the plate and be an animal hero. Consider buying an Evacsak for someone you know or several for a shelter.