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A friend left a big box of paper bunches here when she moved to California in a small travel trailer. So I thought I would make a post about which brand I like the best according to the ease of use. I have discovered that some aren’t as easy to use as others. So here we go.

1 Marvy Uchida  wasn’t the easiest to punch.


McGill also not the easiest to punch.


Martha Stewart easy to punch.

4Martha Stewart again and easy to use.



This paper punch is by ek and I love this beautiful scroll and flower! It’s one of my favorites. It is decently easy to punch.


t onic studios not very easy to punch.


Recollection worked very well.


The Paper Studio worked great.


t onic studios again not the smoothest.


Martha Stewart very nice of course.



Recollections I really like it.


Fiskars I did not  like at all, did not punch well.


ek is easy to use.


So I decided to make something with all of parts and pieces that I on hand.






So my opinion is the best ones are Martha Stewart, Recollections and The Paper Studio.

I miss-calculated the size for the envelope and the top edges didn’t overlap so I had to tape them down. It was the first time I made an envelope but now I am hooked and I look forward to making many more cards and envelopes.


Space Shoes




I purchased these shoes that I am sure my daughter thinks look like space shoes last week at K-Mart. They were only $7.00! On sale. They are so comfortable. Almost like wearing no shoes. You can’t beat that for $7.00. I must admit some of the other color choices were really dreadful. So spacy or not this is the best color they had I think.

Great Easy Tent Shade, The Lightspeed Quick Draw Shun Shade

Need a quick and easy to set up spot of shade? Then the Quick Draw Sun Shelter is just the thing for you! Perfect for people with babies and pets. Or just you. It’s easy peasy to put up in a snap. For more information click on over to Lesley Carter’s beautiful travel blog, Bucket List Publications. It’s like taking a mini trip from your computer chair.

Fantastic Valentine’s Day Discovery!

Whilst I was shopping for a dessert today I discovered this amazing little box of joy!

Look, no pudge fudge brownie!!!! mix. You just add yogurt. If you want a more cake like brownie then you need to add an egg. I was so excited that I forgot to do that. It’s a little different texture than the usual brownie but not awful. Oh and I didn’t have vanilla which was not a requirement but an option. This box made ten cupcakes. I watched Cupcake Wars last night so I was in the mood for cupcakes. Otherwise you are supposed to just make it in a pan like you normally make brownies.

There is NO fat.
There is NO cholesterol.
Only 100 mg. of Sodium.
One fiber.
Twenty-Two sugars. Who cares.
Only two grams of protein, again, who cares.

The ingredients are:
Pure cane sugar, unbleached wheat flour, dutch cocoa, dark coffee (unless you buy the regular), egg whites, cornstarch, wheat gluten, salt and baking soda.

You can even microwave single portions. I used strawberry and banana yogurt because that was all I had. Just think what you could do with this. It was a bit more expensive at 3.48 I think it was. I found it at Bi-Lo grocery store. I think I would give it a rating of mmmm about 7ish. Of course I added frosting too the top of my cupcakes.

Art Fun With My Grandson

Teaching and inspiring him. We made quite the mess.

We were inspired by the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian. His use of those famous black lines with color blocks are due to his own art theory, Neo-Plasticism. For our renditions we used these fabulous markers by Crayola, Twistables Slix Stix. I love these things! They were like drawing with lipstick. So much fun.

It’s true!

This is a great foundation. I never thought I would be able to find a department store foundation that I could say that about. This stuff is great. It goes on smoothly and blends wonderfully. My face doesn’t feel dry and  the foundation didn’t turn into a huge grease pile after I was out in the heat. I would say that it’s a light to medium coverage and the color is true to what it says. I haven’t been this happy with a foundation in a long time.

Great Product

This stuff really is everything it says it is.  I absolutely love it.  There aren’t many things I can say that about.  I think a lot of us tolerate mediocre products more than we realize.  Neutrogena rainbath gentle exfoliating creamy oil wash is not!  It left my skin smooth, less dry and no breakouts from the oil.