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Art Fun With My Grandson

Teaching and inspiring him. We made quite the mess.

We were inspired by the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian. His use of those famous black lines with color blocks are due to his own art theory, Neo-Plasticism. For our renditions we used these fabulous markers by Crayola, Twistables Slix Stix. I love these things! They were like drawing with lipstick. So much fun.

It’s true!

This is a great foundation. I never thought I would be able to find a department store foundation that I could say that about. This stuff is great. It goes on smoothly and blends wonderfully. My face doesn’t feel dry and  the foundation didn’t turn into a huge grease pile after I was out in the heat. I would say that it’s a light to medium coverage and the color is true to what it says. I haven’t been this happy with a foundation in a long time.

Great Product

This stuff really is everything it says it is.  I absolutely love it.  There aren’t many things I can say that about.  I think a lot of us tolerate mediocre products more than we realize.  Neutrogena rainbath gentle exfoliating creamy oil wash is not!  It left my skin smooth, less dry and no breakouts from the oil.

Make Up – Foundation Review

As I have been trying to find a good foundation for slightly older skin I thought I would share one of my purchases. It is Revlon PhotoReady. The shade I purchased is vanilla. It seemed to match my skin perfectly but when I applied it at home the color was extremely light. Far too light. The consistency was thick and creamy but it did not blend well at all and the coverage ended up being too thin. I really don’t see what makes this “photoready” as it looks terrible. I will be returning it.