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Shanghaied through time and space
Into a cult-like twilight zone

Awakening to the realization
A small group bans together

The treacherous escape route
Is found
But not everyone is on board
Many are paralyzed with fright

They will have to unite to survive
Work together to configure the escape
Set up a front and run defense

Quickly plot and plan
In a small place

The feeling is that of suffocating
Panic and fear is rife
Behind the mask of normalcy

There is no choice
Their lives and free will are at stake
An attempt has to be made
It has to be fast and furious

Jumping through the rabbit hole of time and space
Send the weak and terrified down first
Push and shove
Keep moving
Faster and faster

There is no stopping
The strongest goes through last
To hide the trail and in case of discovery
And conflict

No one is left behind
Hands are held
They move as one
To freedom and life

No one remembers breathing
Just moving pushing shoving

Sliding back through into reality
Into the real world
Everyone is greeted with cheers and laughter
Their arrival had been eagerly awaited

Hearts and minds are light as air
Lives are restored
The nightmare is over


The Most Beautiful and Sweet, Sherman

I’m staying with my parents for a while trying to help them out. My mom took a turn for the worse. C.Diff is a huge nightmare. Especially on top of cancer.

Sherman is a cat who lives next door to them. We all love him to pieces. He comes over to their house every day to get a treat and lots of love. I have never heard a cat meow so much. My cat is very quiet.

Sadly his owners are moving out of the country and are not sure if they will be able to take him. My dad who is actually very allergic to cats but so terribly fond of Sherman would love to take him in (he lives outside) but this is not the time to take on someone else who needs to be taken care of. We are going to miss him so very much. I only see him every so often when I visit from out of town but I am so attached to him. My dogs and cat would not be happy if I took him so that is not possible even though I have thought about it.

His owners are making every effort to find him a great home and had hoped the people who are going to rent their house would keep him but it seems they are not cat people 😦




And that dirty car you see just behind Sherman is the only dirty thing you will find at my parents house. My wonderful dad is doing everything in his power to keep this house up to my mom’s impeccably clean standards. I will wash the car as soon as I get a chance.

Fresh Dirt is Good

Mmmmmmm this smells so good! There is just nothing else like the smell of freshly dug dirt.


Let me check.

Yep she’s right, mmmmmmm, and tasty.


Ok, now let’s just sit here awhile and think about that good dirt smell.


She won’t let us back inside until we get all of that dirt off us anyway.





Peeling Back a Page of Time and Space


Evacuate the Animals Also

Here is the Evacsak that can be used as a hands free method of evacuating cats, kittens, small dogs and birds during an emergency. Keep it beside your pet’s food or on the coat rack. Somewhere that you can grab it fast. I keep my cat’s crate in the hall. Does it look good? No. But I know exactly where it is in an emergency. Now if I could just train her to go in it when it rains or storms! She is scared of rain so she immediately goes under the bed. When a storm does pop up I grab the dog’s harnesses and leashes and hang them on the door knob in the hall or put them on the dogs according to how bad the storm might become.

There is a lot of great information about taking care of and evacuating dogs, cats, birds and horses in the book, Out of Harm’s Way by Terri Crisp and Samantha Glen. If you have a pet you need to have this book. If like me you don’t want to read the horribly sad stories of the animals that she and others have rescued during catastrophic events then skip to the section in the back about how to handle evacuation preparedness. Trust me some of the animal rescue stories will never leave you.

Even if you don’t have pets I encourage you to read this book so you can help others who do. Family, friends or neighbors who have more than one pet would sure appreciate an extra hand during a difficult time. Maybe you could help an animal shelter. There will certainly and unfortunately be a huge need for help after a disaster and the more prepared you are the better help you can be.

Please recommend this book to all of your family and friends. Also please re-blog this post. Every animal deserves a fighting chance. We can help ourselves but they have to depend on us. Step up to the plate and be an animal hero. Consider buying an Evacsak for someone you know or several for a shelter.

Root Fences

This is such a clever idea – root fences


as seen in this very interesting and informative book

Diary-of-an-Early-American-BoyRussell Deasely from the fabulous site, The Top 10 of Anything and Everything, found this nice photograph of an actual root fence. Click this link and scroll down a ways to see one.


The Tunnel of Love



Dog Missing – Please Reblog This!


The Angels…

danced around in the soft, blue moonlight, laughing and singing praises to God.


They blew kisses onto the heads of babies on earth down below that smelled of bubblegum and sweet gardenia flowers.