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Purple Flight


Rescue Me

Please reblog this a thousand times over. This is Sam a beautiful pitbull who was rescued from a dog fighting horror house.


Little Glowing Owl

Little Glowing Owl


Paper Birds


Joaquin Phoenix is an Animal Hero!

Three cheers for Joaquin Phoenix!  An actor using his skills and fame for good. Now that is an acting job that deserves a Oscar. He depicts the last minutes of a dying fish. If you have severe asthma then you can relate. I have had a near death experience from an attack so I know exactly how the fish feels. It is horrible and very painful. So when I see fishermen hold up a fish bragging about it and you can see it’s gills heaving in and out desperately grasping for air I know what that feels like. I too grieve for the fish. Not to mention there is a huge metal hook stuck through its mouth. Can you not imagine the pain for yourself? Can you really not imagine it? If not then watch this ad that Joaquin made for PETA. I personally don’t feel it’s anywhere near a strong enough depiction. Yet they were told it’s too political and controversial by ABC. Yet it’s ok for Hardee’s fast food to show an almost naked woman eating a burger as if she is having sex with it on the beach. What a load of bull. The media is the new mafia. The mafia of mind control.

Officer Jones Is A Hero!

We need more people like Officer Jones. People who will stop and make a difference rather than driving on by and saying, ” It’s just a dog”.

He took the time to stop and get out in the rain to help this dog in need and made such a difference to it’s owner. Just like the policemen we always read about in our kids books. Yahoo!!!

A Valentine’s Day Flower For You And A Tutorial

I used this wonderful tutorial by Irma Soria on Youtube to make this pretty flower for Valentine’s Day. I must say that I had to give the fold part a few tries before I got it right. My suggestion would be to hold your finger in it while you are folding it into the cone shape so you get a better idea of what you are trying to do at first. After you have done it once it will be no problem.





I took the first two photographs using a technique called “Free Lens” as described in this tutorial from Youtube.

I hope you all have a good day on the 14th!