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Make Up – Foundation Review

As I have been trying to find a good foundation for slightly older skin I thought I would share one of my purchases. It is Revlon PhotoReady. The shade I purchased is vanilla. It seemed to match my skin perfectly but when I applied it at home the color was extremely light. Far too light. The consistency was thick and creamy but it did not blend well at all and the coverage ended up being too thin. I really don’t see what makes this “photoready” as it looks terrible. I will be returning it.

19 bears rescued from bear bile farm in Vietnam – Yahoo! News

19 bears rescued from bear bile farm in Vietnam – Yahoo! News.

This practice is savage.  Don’t tell me it’s a cultural thing.  Are you human?  Do you have any feelings at all?  How you treat animals shows how you would treat a person.  And the worst thing is too turn it into a tourist attraction!  It’s just savage.


In The Pink

Message to Pat Robertson

God loves the people in Haiti also and he expects us to help and support them in their time of need with no questions asked.

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Great Fun!

Turn a negative into a positive. Yucky old wood floors? Paint them! I started this project several years ago and then became bored with it so you can see where some of it has wear and tear in spite of the fact that I put a clear coat over it. Oh well no matter. It will be a great big fish pond right in the middle of the hall and into the next bedroom when and if I ever finish it. I’m not sure I really have any finished paint projects in my house. Doesn’t matter. They are so much fun. When you were little you were told you couldn’t color on the walls. Trust me if more kids had been allowed to color on the walls and floors there would be much less need for therapists. I don’t enjoy painting small that much but give me a floor or wall and move out-of-the-way! It’s great fun!

The Sky This Evening

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