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Chasing Dogs And Old Homesteads

Well I am trying not to actually chase the dog that is lost on my block. I have tried so many things to get him to come to me and he won’t. He is a beautiful sweet chubby faced boxer pit mix I think. He has on his nobody mess with me studded collar but he isn’t fooling me. He is the biggest scared cat I have ever seen. He is staying in the area so I am feeding him and keeping fresh water out as usual.

I happened to look out of the kitchen window the other day to see animal control officers chasing something so of course I flew outside to see what and if I could catch it first. There were two dogs. One male and one female. They caught the female so now the male is alone and confused. He keeps going to different houses as if he is trying to find his. I feel so bad for him. I haven’t heard him bark and he has never come towards me. I have slowly walked towards him with a fresh can of smelly dog food. He ran away so I dumped it out where he had been. I hope he ate it and not the raccoons. I walked around today trying to get him to come to me and I found another woman doing the same thing! Thank goodness he keeps coming back to the building across the street from me so I can keep an eye on him. There are several nooks and crannies where he can keep warm in and stay out of any bad weather we might have.

I will talk to animal control on Monday. At least maybe he can get back with his mate. I can’t believe that no one has been looking for him! That makes me mad. I have an ad on Craigslist and on Facebook. I have a terrible feeling that they had been abused. For him to be this fearful and he is too skinny. Please keep him and his mate in your prayers, I know they miss each other and wonder where the other is. I would love to help this poor fellow if only he would let me.

Now for the old homestead. When I was little I lived in France for about three years or so starting when I was three. So now with the advent of google earth my father and I are trying as hard as we can to find the house we lived in.

You see when we lived there we were just a poor enlisted Air Force family. Hardly enough money to make ends meet. We lived in three different places while there. The first place was the biggest, nicest house in the town of Crepy. Or so we think. Maybe it was Crecy sur Serre. It is all centered about the town of Laon. We saw the apartment we lived in there. And I saw my very first little school. Also my beautiful French babysitter’s house right across the street. So French, so beautiful and old. But now we want to find the big house as we call it.

We were completely out-of-place in it but somehow my dad met the man who owned it. He had been put into a nursing home. He did not want any French people to rent it or they couldn’t afford it I can’t remember. This was a bad time and no one had any money. Least of all us! This nice old man liked my dad and wanted to rent the house to him. It was the only house in town for rent and we needed one right away. We couldn’t get into base housing because of a mix up. Base housing was a very, tiny, itty, bitty trailer home. So we moved into the big house. When my dad talks about it, it sounds just like Cinderella’s house! Lots of huge rooms. Two stories and a full attic and basement. Oh the vision I have in my head. It also had a huge long yard. It also had a secret garden of fruit trees walled off on one side. My father tells of magnificent fireplaces with huge marble surrounds. All of our furniture fit in one corner of the living room which is where we mostly stayed as the place was a bear to heat and with coal. I want to see this house so badly. They have no photo of it. :( I ask how can that be? We were poor they say. I say but you lived in a mansion. Forget photographing the baby, photograph the mansion! We have sure never lived in anything like it sense.

No one remembers an address nor can find any correspondence with an address. Dear me! So I travel by google earth walking to and fro looking for something that I don’t even know what it looks like other than it sat right out on the sidewalk. It was two-story with full attic and basement. No iron work. Big beautiful double wooden doors. So a chasing I have been for the last few days. I sure hope I catch something very soon. I’m starting to feel like a rabbit or a deer constantly chasing their food.

Maybe later I can add some pics from google earth.

Alzheimers – Concrete

This beautiful most intuitive concrete piece of art is the best explanation of Alzheimers that I have ever seen. It is tragically touching and amazing all at the same time. Christine McArthy of artfulintuition on Etsy made this spellbinding piece called Vanishing Point.

Here is a link to her blog and post about the book.

Giant Knitting Needles!

Look at these fabulous knitting needles! Don’t they look like a ton of fun. I love these. You might want to hide them from stick chewing dogs you have around though.

You can purchase these at Loopy Mango on Etsy. Go take a look and see what other fun thing you can find there.


A friend of mine has just alerted me to the fact that in my previous posting I said that those were not tears coming from the horses mouth. Really? Of course not. I meant to say eyes! Seems my mouth is all I can think about right now, but it is getting better every day.

What I Am Working On

After searching for weeks for the Great Dane that I rescued and then lost I haven’t felt like doing anything. Then I had three teeth pulled. So I have just been hanging around the house looking and feeling like Frankenstein’s dog.

Today I decided to play around with some watercolors, inspired by the book, Atmospheric Watercolours by Jean Haines. This book is beautiful. Loads of gorgeous dreamy somewhat abstract pictures to learn great techniques from.  I am crazy about the chicken on the front cover but I would add some other colors I think as it looks too much like blood. Like a chicken that has just been murdered.

I still need to do some more work on it. Why is it a blue horse you ask? Just is. And no those aren’t tears coming out of his eyes. Supposed to be part of the mane. Yep more work. Hope you are all well, I missed everyone.