Monthly Archives: October 2012

Alzheimers – Concrete

This beautiful most intuitive concrete piece of art is the best explanation of Alzheimers that I have ever seen. It is tragically touching and amazing all at the same time. Christine McArthy of artfulintuition on Etsy made this spellbinding piece called Vanishing Point.

Here is a link to her blog and post about the book.

Giant Knitting Needles!

Look at these fabulous knitting needles! Don’t they look like a ton of fun. I love these. You might want to hide them from stick chewing dogs you have around though.

You can purchase these at Loopy Mango on Etsy. Go take a look and see what other fun thing you can find there.

What I Am Working On

After searching for weeks for the Great Dane that I rescued and then lost I haven’t felt like doing anything. Then I had three teeth pulled. So I have just been hanging around the house looking and feeling like Frankenstein’s dog.

Today I decided to play around with some watercolors, inspired by the book, Atmospheric Watercolours by Jean Haines. This book is beautiful. Loads of gorgeous dreamy somewhat abstract pictures to learn great techniques from.  I am crazy about the chicken on the front cover but I would add some other colors I think as it looks too much like blood. Like a chicken that has just been murdered.

I still need to do some more work on it. Why is it a blue horse you ask? Just is. And no those aren’t tears coming out of his eyes. Supposed to be part of the mane. Yep more work. Hope you are all well, I missed everyone.