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Dog Hair

From one petting. I might spin it and weave it then make a sweater!



I Have a Brand New Ball

Do you have a brand new pair of roller skates? Kids toys are fun and you get a good workout! Who doesn’t need more fun? I was surprised by how much fun as well as exercise I could get from a simple child’s ball. It’s a medium size. I really bought for my dog Darla but she didn’t like it. She won’t chase a regular size ball like most dogs so I thought maybe she would herd a large one since she likes to chase things and bark at them. But no, she didn’t want to play with it, so I did. Throwing it as high as I could and back and forth between hands trying not to drop it. Loads of workout power. The next day I played great game of Dodge ball with my grandson. Now that was fun because he didn’t think Grammie would be so rough with him. He didn’t think Grammie had it in her. Loads of giggles and fun. Another great workout.

The Color of Lightning by Paulette Jiles – Book Review

The Color of Lightning by Paulette Jiles is the gripping story of two men whose separate lives are tried and tested to extremes at the end of the American Civil War.

Britt Johnson was a free black man who moved his family to North Texas to start a new life where his wife hoped to become a teacher and he would be a freight hauler. Samuel Hammond was a Quaker who had just taken part ownership in a ship when a turn of events instead landed him the job of Indian Agent.

Britt Johnson’s family was almost destroyed by a horrendous Comanche and Kiowa  attack. Samuel Hammond’s seemingly impervious Quaker faith takes a beating during his tenure as an Indian Agent in North Texas around the time of 1863.

In this historical novel Paulette’s writing style develops both men’s personalities simultaneously as both are dealing with Native American problems of their own. Britt’s cautious and shrew nature serves him well on the most momentous undertaking of his life rescuing his family from the Native Americans. If it hadn’t been for Samuel’s tempestuous time as an Indian Agent his sincere and unfailing faith would probably never have faltered during his lifetime.

I enjoyed Paulette’s writing style as a break from the violence every few chapters was very welcome. Her extremely descriptive style allows the reader to become completely enveloped in the vastness of America that for a time only a few people knew. It was a place of freedom as well as great peril.

Reading The Color of Lightning was a journey through fear, history and a psychology course all bound up together. I laid the book down, walking away from it crying many times saying that I could not continue on. Every time I went back to it knowing that I had to find out what happened to these people whose lives were so drastically altered.

I would now like to read more about the different Native American groups as well as the beginning of the American Civil War.

Paulette Jiles lives on a ranch near San Antonio Texas and has conducted a lot of research into the story of Britt Johnson as the history of North Texas and the Comanche and Kiowa people. I plan to read her other books, Cousins, Enemy Women, and Stormy Weather.

Think Happy Thoughts


I ran into so many really nice people in Wal Mart the other day. Yes a few coo coos also. But two very nice people just made my day. All it takes is a sweet smile, a look into someones eyes, a may I take your cart to the bin for you? Love your haircut, where did you get it? You go ahead of me you have far less than I do. Keep an eye out for others who could maybe use a hand or a nice smile. And as always think happy thoughts.

It Was A Dogone Afternoon

I was happily sitting at home in my pj’s when my daughter called. She had seen a black and white basset hound who looked as if it might be lost running down a particular road in the next city over. So I looked it up on Craigslist and sure enough this  droopy eared, sad eyed doggie had been missing for a month. Her name is Bella. The poor thing has had surgery for tumors around her head.  I called the owner to tell her of the sighting and then set out to join in the search.

My daughter had seen the dog on a road that is about a mile long and lined with industrial businesses. Lots of wooded lots all around but also surrounded by   neighborhoods and businesses. In our separate cars we all drove up and down looking high and low. I went into empty parking lots and called until I couldn’t call anymore for the dog.

I stopped at the UPS office and walked up and down on the gravel driveway  next to the wooded lot beside it calling for her all while the warehouse workers wondered what the heck I was doing.  Afterwards I walked into the warehouse to leave contact information for them.

Next I went out to a used book store on the hwy. Bingo! The lady working there said she has seen a black and white basset hound at least once a week for a month. Yea!  So know we at least know that Bella has been in this area for a while. So I left contact information with her. She was very, very nice.

Next I rode around into the wilderness behind the store and then a neighborhood behind that. I had never seen that area before, it was pretty nice. I talked to one guy there and asked him to contact Bella’s owner through Craigslist if he saw her. Then I decided I had better come home. Now it is pouring rain so very hard. I can’t help but wonder where Bella is and if she is out of the rain.