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Not Really A Book Review

I was skimming through this book that I purchased at Goodwill and came across what I think is a very interesting point.   The Depression is an embarrassing thing. It is a shame to the system: the American Way that seemed so successful. All of a sudden, things broke down and didn’t work. It’s a difficult thing to understand today. To imagine this system, all of a sudden-for reasons having to do with paper, money, abstract things-breaking down.

Oops I had a huge senior moment. If you read this prior to 1:08 Wednesday,  I made a huge mistake in what I wrote. I previously said the statement in purple was by someone from The Depression times. It was not. They are from todays times. Opps, senior moment. Sorry about that.

It appears that this  book will be interesting, sad, insightful and most certainly depressing. It will also be worthwhile reading.  A look at history through the memories of individuals is always an eye-opening experience.

Need A Little Privacy?

Check this place out. Fabric fencing by Emerald City Products. The digitally printed screens are so fun! The ivy looks so real. Combining the stone and ivy would be so beautiful. I love the idea of the cow printed screen but that wouldn’t be realistic with the tops of other houses, sheds and trees sticking out at the top.

So what would you choose for your yard?

Photo from Fence Fabric Inc.


Out There

Was It Mr. Peacock In The Marsh?

He says, “No, I’m just out here pondering.”

Mosquito Evasion

Direct Gardening is having a sale on Mosquito Shoo plants. It is a citronella type plant that is supposed to repel mosquitos. Now that the West Nile Virus is spreading I think it is something we should probably invest in. The Mosquito Shoo plant is a potted plant that can be grown outdoors during the summer and some of us probably have plenty more summer left to make it worth our while to buy a few.

Lemon Balm is also another plant that is supposed to ward off the evil buggars. Some people like to use garlic, as in eating it. Of course we know that would also ward off any potential mates for those who are looking and family and friends. Also planting Marigolds, Mint, Vanilla scented geraniums

Encouraging bats and dragonflies are also ways to win the war against mosquitoes although as many bats as there are where I live I am not convinced. All of my bats must be on a diet.

You can find more information from

Oh and last but not least walk around dressed head to toe in white gauzy material, you won’t look stupid like that.