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NC Gov. Perdue Signs Susie’s Law | Animal Law Coalition

Whoo Hoo Bev Perdue! Good For You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are an animal hero! We love you. Now lets keep going, make the laws even stricter.  Contact your government officials and get the same laws enacted where you live. Be an animal activist. Be a good person. Help an animal in need. Speak up, say something. Don’t ignore the pain and suffering of an animal. They need you.

NC Gov. Perdue Signs Susie’s Law | Animal Law Coalition.

More Horsing Around

I moved the horizon line and yes I think I moved it the wrong way but oh well. I’m not too worried about it right now. So I painted the pasture and put in a slight bit of shadow on the horse just to get the feel of it. The horse is actually a cream color but I wanted the dark color for the undercoat anyway. I like the way it looks sort of like a block painting. I have never done this before so I hope I don’t mess it up. More later.


No I have no idea what kind of tree I painted!

Just horsing around

I thought I would show you the process of painting a horse mural. Not that I am a professional by any means. I love painting or drawing murals. I don’t usually paint or draw on a small-scale such as drawing paper but give me a wall and I am happy. I can always paint over if it doesn’t look good.

I started by painting a window or I should say a window frame. The rest of the window will be painted last. I used a photograph of an actual horse that I took then traced it using a Wacom Tablet. And no my perspective is not perfect, I always have trouble with that. And yes I should take time to study it but I haven’t yet. Next I printed the photograph the size that I wanted the horse to be and used carbon paper to trace it onto the wall.  It is supposed to look as if the horse is sticking its head through the window into the house.

Blue Lightning

Bird on a Budget : Ten Dollar Dinners with Melissa dArabian : Food Network

Bird on a Budget : Ten Dollar Dinners with Melissa dArabian : Food Network.

Are we there yet?

I watched this episode on Food Network and bravely thought I would give it a try. It looked great and easy on TV.  As I may have mentioned before I hate to cook, but once in a while I will try something out of the norm for me. So here is how it went.

 Starting at three o’clock in the afternoon first I chopped all of the ingredients for the slaw. I didn’t have fennel and neither did the grocery store that I went too so I substituted celery which Scott the produce man would work just fine.  Then I made the red wine vinegar dressing for the slaw but I left it out until a little later. These bowls went into the refrigerator while I moved on to the next step, preparing the chicken.

I washed the chicken, placed it on a tray and patted it dry as Melissa d’Arabian said that would cut down on splattering once it was put into the frying pan. Into the pan it went to cook until the skin side down side was brown. Next I made the orange-juice honey mixture, it just boils for three minutes in a pot. I do not have a frying pan that will go in the oven and the oven and range can’t both be on at the same time in spite of having a new breaker box. Oh well remember I hate to cook anyway so no big deal. Once the chicken breasts had browned I placed them into a casserole dish, covered them with the orange-juice honey mixture and put them into the oven. Next the potatoes. Not fun.

Chop, chop, chop. Lots of chopping. I bought a big brand new knife for this just so I could look the part. All I could think about was how bad it would hurt to get stabbed with one of those bad boys. Or how icky it would be if I had to use it on a burglar. You have to be mentally prepared you know. Ok back to the potatoes. They couldn’t go right into the frying pan since the oven was on so I set them aside in some water to wait their turn in the hot seat. Ha. Get it? Hot potato.

After the alloted time I removed the chicken from the oven to set (only a person can sit, right). I then drained and dried the potatoes and put them into the frying pan to saute for about five minutes stirring, stirring, stirring, lots of fun there. Next I threw in some water, covered them to let them steam, then tossed some butter around on them and spread them on a baking sheet. How many dishes have I used by now? Too many.

Then I proceeded to cut the chicken off of the bone and it was done! Gross! So the chicken has to go back into the oven along with the potatoes for twenty-five minutes. I figured they could share the heat.

I take the slaw out of the fridge, mix up the dressing only to discover (because of course I sampled) I had used too much Bacon Bits. Yes I cheated and used Bacon Bits instead of the real deal. Bacon Bits are way too salty. Don’t use them for this purpose.

Ok so next the chicken and potatoes are finally done but the potatoes don’t look like the ones on T.V. Hmmm. Oh well they weren’t too bad. Hey Hubby liked them, that’s amazing. He loved the slaw too! So now I am two for three. He wasn’t too crazy about the chicken and neither was I. It was a little dry and the skin rubbery.

Now if I were to let you peek into my kitchen, which I would not, you would see that the range, the sink and all of the counter tops were covered with dishes, pots, pans and utensils.

No more watching Food Network for me. Just give me a box to throw in the microwave, or something to pop in the toaster. I have more interesting things to do other than cook and clean.

Look at what my grammie made me wear!

Food Network cancels ‘Ace of Cakes’ – News – Yahoo! TV

Really? really?!!!!!  Food Network what is wrong with you?!  I would much rather see a bunch of fun loving, young people making cakes in a beautiful, bright room than a roomful of old, crabby, mean, grouchy, yelling men in a cramped dark basement.   We want Duff! We want Duff! We want Duff!

Food Network cancels ‘Ace of Cakes’ – News – Yahoo! TV.

Prince Charles says Camilla may be queen – Yahoo! News

Oh piss ! I think not!!!!!!!!!!!  Don’t even go there you stupid fool who should be put under the dungeon! Just to think of that makes me so mad I could spit fire.  That man should have been banned from the kingdom.

Prince Charles says Camilla may be queen – Yahoo! News.

In response to Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop

Little Man in the Grocery Store

Grammie at the grocery store sure is handy!