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The price of wings, Victoria’s Secret wings that is.

What price do the Victoria’s Secrets Fashion Show models pay to be “flawless” as I heard the announcer say. While their heads were floating in the clouds via those gorgeous wings wasn’t their stomach growling like a bear just coming out of hibernation?

Instead of what do they eat it’s more a question of what they don’t eat. Certainly no ice cream. No cookies. Mashed potatoes with butter? No. Chocolate Fudge? No. Soda? No.

If I have to give up those yummies among many others I guess I will just stay the way I am and never get any wings. Darn and I was just a few bowls of ice cream, a couple of bags of cookies, a few pounds of fudge and several pots of mashed potatoes with butter away from my wings.

NC Gov. Perdue Signs Susie’s Law | Animal Law Coalition

Whoo Hoo Bev Perdue! Good For You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are an animal hero! We love you. Now lets keep going, make the laws even stricter.  Contact your government officials and get the same laws enacted where you live. Be an animal activist. Be a good person. Help an animal in need. Speak up, say something. Don’t ignore the pain and suffering of an animal. They need you.

NC Gov. Perdue Signs Susie’s Law | Animal Law Coalition.

More horsing around

I moved the horizen line and yes I think I moved it the wrong way but oh well. I’m not too worried about it right now. So I painted the pasture and put in a slight bit of shadow on the horse just to get the feel of it. The horse is acutally a cream color but I wanted the dark color for the undercoat anyway. I like the way it looks sort of like a block painting. I have never done this before so I hope I don’t mess it up. More later. 


No I have no idea what kind of tree I painted!

Just horsing around

I thought I would show you the process of painting a horse mural. Not that I am a professional by any means. I love painting or drawing murals. I don’t usually paint or draw on a small scale such as drawing paper but give me a wall and I am happy. I can always paint over if it doesn’t look good.

I started by painting a window or I should say a window frame. The rest of the window will be painted last. I used a photograph of an actual horse that I took then traced it using a Wacom Tablet. And no my perspective is not perfect, I always have trouble with that. And yes I should take time to study it but I haven’t yet. Next I printed the photograph the size that I wanted the horse to be and used carbon paper to trace it onto the wall.  It is supposed to look as if the horse is sticking it’s head through the window into the house.

Palin attacks media over coverage of North Korea gaffe – Yahoo! News

As our president is that how you would address the nation? Through Facebook and Twitter? Because we really wouldn’t want you to go to any trouble for us.

Palin attacks media over coverage of North Korea gaffe – Yahoo! News.

It’s hard to believe how stupid people are

Store employee who has to give warranty papers to people who purchase T.V.’s: Sir you must have this paper.

Man who purchased the T.V.: I don’t want any papers.

Creative Employee: Sir your T.V. won’t work without the papers.

Man who purchased T.V.: really?

Employee: Yes, It won’t work without the papers, you must have them.

Man who purchased the T.V.: Ok I’ll take them, thanks.

FedEx searches for missing radioactive equipment – Yahoo! News

I’m so glad that I have shipped anything terribly important through FedEx lately.  Shouldn’t something this important have special labels on it? Handle with care. Don’t lose it!  This isn’t the kind of thing you just misplace.

They pose no danger as long as the box isn’t opened. Well then lets just hope the box hasn’t been accidentally dropped at someone’s house and curious little child decides to sneak and see what Santa brought him.

I know sometimes they just leave things at the door without waiting for a signature but really? this? It should have been signed for going out and in and all around the place. This isn’t a box of ugly christmas sweaters that one hopes will get lost!

FedEx searches for missing radioactive equipment – Yahoo! News.