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Golfers swing sparks 25-acre California blaze – Devil Ball Golf – Golf  – Yahoo! Sports

Golfers swing sparks 25-acre California blaze – Devil Ball Golf – Golf  – Yahoo! Sports.

Now that’s really a stroke of bad luck! What a story for the grandchildren that one is. Kids be careful with those clubs.

Up Close, sniff sniff

Painted Beauty

You called madam, I came right away!

Do you see spots?

FCC Clinic Procedures – Raising Orphan Kittens

FCC Clinic Procedures – Raising Orphan Kittens

Read, learn and help one if  you can.

Wisdom for the Day – Don’t sand anything without wearing gloves. It doesn’t matter how careful you are you will get a splinter. 🙂 And it will hurt, for a long time.

Animal Hero!

My good neighbor saw the kitty with the cup on it’s head in the parking lot across the street. The little one that we tried to save at the beginning of the week and we were unsuccessful.  He noticed the kitten was getting weaker and thought we would have a better chance to help it so we gave it another try and Voila!  He caught it and got the cup off! Yahoo! An animal hero!  The kitty is in my kitty carrier cage with food and water sitting in the shade until I can take it to0 either the vet or our no-kill shelter in the morning.

Life is short – Moth

Just a cat, just a dog or a saviour?

Anyone with children and dogs or even cats for that matter might want to save this story and share with all of your friends and family. If you aren’t as close to your pet as you should be maybe you will rethink that matter after watching this video. It could save your life or your child’s life.
Have you hugged your pet today?