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Cups and Saucers!


As I was browsing through the tableware at Goodwill  I almost screamed with delight when I saw this tableware. It is the same as my grandmother’s tableware! I love it. The minute that I laid eyes on it I felt as if I were back in her kitchen.

Her small, pink kitchen with the light grayish/green table and green chairs very similar to the one below. I loved it but I didn’t get it when she passed away.

Photo from Kitchenchairs on

I can almost taste the hot chocolate she made for me in those cups. She made it with milk that she warmed on the stove top. My grandmother never had Nestle Quick; she used unsweetened Hershey Baking Powder and added sugar. This unusual and different mixture was soft and silky, warm and filling.

It filled me with more than warmth and nourishment. It filled me with memories. Memories of a grandmother who loved me and loved to cook. To her, cooking was a way to show love. She made everything from scratch because she was brought up on a farm. When my grandmother was older and my grandfather had passed away, my mom would often drive the hour to her house to stay with her for a few days as needed. My mom took a microwave and left it at my grandmother’s house but she never used it. She continued to use her  beloved stove, pots and pans to cook with. My grandmother was born in 1914 and passed away when she was ninety-two. I will cherish these cups and saucers and pass them along to my daughter.

Save a Dog, a Cat, Save Something!!!!!

This is Miley after he was rescued and cleaned up. So beautiful!


Please watch this video about a sad pitiful dog laying in the garbage pile sick, scared, hungry, alone, stressed in need of love.

Don’t go out and buy an expensive, fancy dog when you can save a life that will not make it without your help. Our shelters are being over-run with animals. Rescue groups are over-whelmed trying to take care of all they have. Think about adopting an older dog if that suits your lifestyle better. Every one doesn’t need an active puppy. There are so many blind and deaf dogs and cats who need a loving home also. Please consider them if you can.

And always involve your support system of family and friends as to you would be most willing to be God parent to your precious new addition if something awful would happen to you. You don’t want them to have to go back to a shelter. Have play dates with friends and family and get everyone comfortable with each other.

Make these animals really a part of your life. Please don’t chain them to a tree. What kind of life is that? They need a securely fenced yard to run and play in. With you. My neighbor’s dog was home alone for as much as twelve hours a day pretty much every single day. Let’s see they can’t read a book, they can’t watch tv. No one to play with. Can’t you imagine how boring that would be. And a dog or a cat needs a good, secure insulated dog house that properly fits it’s own size so that it’s body heat can be trapped in to keep them warmer during the cold.They need fresh clean wheat straw to keep warm. They love a good, soft blanket. But most of all they love to be in the house with you! Sleep with you! Nothing pleases a dog more than being by your side as much as possible. You are their job. They want to protect you and please you. You treat your animal right and they will give you more love than you could ever imagine. It’s not that hard just put yourself in their fur and walk a few miles. Walk a few miles around the city without your shoes as a matter of fact looking for food and water. Looking for shelter. Looking for a safe place to have your babies and care for them. Then how are you going to care for them, feed them and keep them safe. Do you see what stray, lost and unwanted animals face? And by the way black animals are the least adopted from shelters as well as ugly ones. Be an animal hero, go adopt one. A black one. An old one, A blind one, A deaf one. Just please go adopt one. More than that make a true member of your family living inside, playing and being loved and cherished by you. You will be glad you did. Please repost this a thousand times over. Thank you for reading it. And giant hugs from me to you if you do adopt or help out in any way. I would love to see pics.

Alyssa Milano You Are A Hero!!!!!

Alyssa saved a dog’s life because she refused to look the other way and not say anything. She is doing good with the money she earns. In this article by Yahoo Shine you can read about how she saved a Jindo mix named Bomi whose was living a horrid life destined to become someone’s meal.

Yes I have heard a thousand time over “you can’t save the world”. Guess what? I don’t believe that. I never will. If everyone would just do their part, large or small we could save the world. All it takes is for someone to speak up. For someone to step up. For someone to be brave. For someone to care. For someone to be willing to walk up to the fence to give a dog extra food or water or a loving pat.

Don’t keep silent. Don’t turn a blind eye. Several dogs in my area have been helped during this horrible cold spell by people who were brave enough to speak up and or step up.

Alyssa Milano you are an animal hero!

Be Brave, Just Say Something

Sometimes all it takes to make someone’s life better is for you to say something. So just do it. So what if someone yells at you or won’t do what you are suggesting. You don’t know until you try it.

In this instance I am talking about a dog but it could be any animal or human. Speak up and take a chance on making someone’s life better.

For instance “I noticed when I come over to play with your dog she never has any water”.
We are talking about a period of at least ten hours. The dog has water now. Yahoo!

That’s all it took. Of course I did have to broach it nicely. Yes kind of difficult for me to do. Be brave, just do it.

How many children, animals or elderly people can you help by speaking up? Encourage others to do so. If you see a dog who doesn’t have what it needs then ask if you can help in any way. Can you walk it, play with it, provide much-needed water or food? Maybe the owners are in over their head. It’s not the dogs fault. By helping the neighbors you are helping the dog.

Do you notice a neighborhood child at the bus stop without a coat? Or good shoes? Buy whatever and give it to them through the school. Add in a little extra, like fun pencils, paper or whatever you think their age would enjoy.

Does an elderly neighbor need their leaves raked, snow shoveled? Firewood? Oil? Sneak and pay their gas bill or drop off a big bag of groceries for them!

Keep your eyes and ears open there are always people or animals who need help. Sometimes the need may be so large that you must have help, so be it. Sometimes it’s the smallest thing that will make someones life so much better. Whatever it is just do it!!!!!

What a wonderful world this could be if more people would speak up. Far too many people hide and cower away. Don’t mind your own business and you could make a life better or even save one. Don’t leave it for someone else to do, YOU DO IT! Be brave.

Please Consider Helping a Child Through This Program

To see what these children living through is the worst thing one can imagine. We can’t turn our heads and ignore it. We all have to step up and work together. Maybe consider doing this in the name of someone you know for a Christmas gift instead of a gift they don’t really need. These kids need our help. Please consider helping.

Gone in the Blink of an Eye

I took this photograph of this precious baby bird this morning. This was his first day out of the nest. I was so happy to see him so beautiful and new. So full of cuteness. I was thinking about how I would have to keep an eye on the dogs and the cat to keep them from getting to him when he jumped down to the ground. Hoping that he would last for the week that I am home again from my parents house. Now he or she is gone, just gone.


We were going to have a storm and it had started raining very hard so I grabbed my binoculars to see if the baby was under covering that is over the bird house. Well to my horrible dismay there was a snake there instead!!!! That was about the last straw for me. I just lost it. My neighbor came in the pouring rain and killed the snake for me. He said that it didn’t eat the bird but I can’t find it anywhere and the parents have left the nest. When it was all happening they were screaming and flapping about. It was such a sad, horrible sight to see. The poor baby is just gone in the blink of any eye.


The Most Beautiful and Sweet, Sherman

I’m staying with my parents for a while trying to help them out. My mom took a turn for the worse. C.Diff is a huge nightmare. Especially on top of cancer.

Sherman is a cat who lives next door to them. We all love him to pieces. He comes over to their house every day to get a treat and lots of love. I have never heard a cat meow so much. My cat is very quiet.

Sadly his owners are moving out of the country and are not sure if they will be able to take him. My dad who is actually very allergic to cats but so terribly fond of Sherman would love to take him in (he lives outside) but this is not the time to take on someone else who needs to be taken care of. We are going to miss him so very much. I only see him every so often when I visit from out of town but I am so attached to him. My dogs and cat would not be happy if I took him so that is not possible even though I have thought about it.

His owners are making every effort to find him a great home and had hoped the people who are going to rent their house would keep him but it seems they are not cat people 😦




And that dirty car you see just behind Sherman is the only dirty thing you will find at my parents house. My wonderful dad is doing everything in his power to keep this house up to my mom’s impeccably clean standards. I will wash the car as soon as I get a chance.

Rescue Me

Please reblog this a thousand times over. This is Sam a beautiful pitbull who was rescued from a dog fighting horror house.

Joaquin Phoenix is an Animal Hero!

Three cheers for Joaquin Phoenix!  An actor using his skills and fame for good. Now that is an acting job that deserves a Oscar. He depicts the last minutes of a dying fish. If you have severe asthma then you can relate. I have had a near death experience from an attack so I know exactly how the fish feels. It is horrible and very painful. So when I see fishermen hold up a fish bragging about it and you can see it’s gills heaving in and out desperately grasping for air I know what that feels like. I too grieve for the fish. Not to mention there is a huge metal hook stuck through its mouth. Can you not imagine the pain for yourself? Can you really not imagine it? If not then watch this ad that Joaquin made for PETA. I personally don’t feel it’s anywhere near a strong enough depiction. Yet they were told it’s too political and controversial by ABC. Yet it’s ok for Hardee’s fast food to show an almost naked woman eating a burger as if she is having sex with it on the beach. What a load of bull. The media is the new mafia. The mafia of mind control.

Lives Changed

This is beautiful. The story of Durga Maya and how INF helped her when no one else could or would.