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You Probably Shouldn’t Homeschool Your Kids If

You have to be told to take them to the park or enroll them in sports or interesting extra-curricular classes.

From SheriBob

When you are teaching your child at home, he or she will not be around their peers. This may put a damper in making new friends or seeing the friends they currently have. So if you do decide to home school your child, try to enroll them in classes and clubs that spark their interests. You should also try taking them to the playground after school or during the weekend. Some local libraries and other locations will even have events for those who home school. This will help your child to meet other children and make new friends. You should also be sure to allow your child to keep in touch with their friends from school.

Most homeschool groups have more co-ops and group activities than you could ever need. Science classes, Math groups, Lego Clubs, Photography and classes of all kinds. The list is endless. Any and everything you can think of is usually available within twenty miles of any homeschool family. Also most homeschool kids already play on sports teams.  The concept that  anyone has to be told to socialize their homeschooled kids really feeds into the stupid  idea that so many people have of homeschooled kids being kept away from others and in a closet.

If you have to be told that you should take your kids to the park or out for playdates you probably shouldn’t even have kids!

Etsy Necklace

I call this one my Jar Necklace because that is the shape it reminds me of. Here is a link to my Etsy Shop for more info.

Etsy Necklace

I love this teal suede polished stone necklace. I like the cheerfulness of it. I very much enjoy making wire wraps. Here is a link to my Etsy store for more information.

Luna Smells Fall


The Day Before Thanksgiving

I am thankful because:

Etsy Necklace

My friend and often times muse gave me this nice square piece to work with. The idea of what to do with it came almost immediately. I used a tape transfer that I had made quite a few years ago. Here is a link to my Etsy store if you would like more information on this necklace.

Money Embezzled From Animal Shelter

More than $10,000 ! How many lives would that have saved? How many bellies would that have fed?

I Love My Dogs

Luna and Darla

Shut These Egg Farms Down

These evil egg farms need to be shut down. Warning: Don’t watch this video by ABC News Investigations if you are eating. Or if you are extremely sensitive. I don’t eat a lot of eggs but I will be looking for a local source where I can see with my own eyes that the chickens are treated decently.