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Have you ever just wanted to pull your head off and throw it down?!

I did as I was making this animation. I have the attention span of a nat so there are a lot of boo-boos in this one. I had the little paper doll that a friend made and every time I looked at it I imagined her pulling her head off and throwing it down so that’s what I made her do. Must be the heat.

A true hero!

This indeed is a good man. A wonderfully good man. How far would you go to save your dog? Or cat? Or precious pet of whatever kind?

Thank You

Making a baby is hard to do!

All of the pieces come out of the mold flat, then when you start molding them they just become mangled shapes! I thought this would be easier and more fun. Not giving up yet though. I want a baby!

Cute shoes

I found these on, Dansko Volley Sage Floral

Just a little something dropped by a fairy.

Walking the dogs

Trying to walk two hounds on leashes and carry my heavy camera was a scary thing to do. The tripping, falling, dropping hazard for my camera was very high to say the least. Alas it did survive!

Animation Tutorial

First I am not an expert by any means. I just know a little bit from trial and error and lots of reading. Lots and lots of playing around. I hope you will give this a try and have fun with it. Most of all I hope it actually works for you!

I am using Photoshop cs5 but it works pretty much the same with earlier versions. How early I don’t know. Sorry I can’t remember what I used to have.

Open all of the photos you want to use and size them all the same, label and save them.

Open them all up and open a new blank canvas on white the same size as your photos.

Using the move tool, move all of your photos onto the white canvas. One right on top of the other.

Under Windows open Animation. It will open with a photo already in the first frame. In the animation frame click the box for a new frame then click shut all of the eye icons (in the layers palette) except for the next photo that you want to open in the frames. Continue in this manner until you have all of your photos used.  When you click for  a new frame it make a duplicate but not to worry the new photo will take its place.

In the animation frame under each photo you will see 0.sec. click on that and choose which speed you want for each photo. They can be all the same or different. Just play with it.

When you are happy with the timing click save for Web and Devices and save it as a GIF.

Forget a pregnant pause, how about an oddly placed pin!

Am I the only one who thinks this pin on the Queen’s dress is in the most inappropriate place in the world? Especially for a queen. Maybe all of the people who help her get dressed are getting as old as she is and can’t see well anymore.

Great fun!

I came upon this great site called Odosketch  , an online drawing tool, on Jessica Jone’s blog, How About Orange. Both are totally cool. I found Jessica’s site through Amy’s site, Mod Podge Rocks! Totally cool as well. Both have great ideas and lots of fun too share.