Monthly Archives: March 2011

Photo’s of survivers in shelters

Taking photographs of people who are forced to live in shelters after one of the worlds most devastating disasters seems extremely rude to me. Especially while they are sleeping! What gives you the right?! Have you no decency about you? People who are suffering are not our entertainment. We don’t need to see them sleeping in shelters to understand the magnitude of the situation. I think today’s journalist need to rethink matters. You are making things worse not better for these people.

Really Ina?

Come on! You can’t make time for a 6-year old child with horrible cancer to cook with you? I’m sorry but I do find that hard to believe. And it does change my opinion of you. And not in a good way. No more Barefoot Contessa for me.

An internship for Gadhafi’s son?

I was just reading this article about Gadhafi’s son having an internship here in the United States Of America. No way. That’s just not acceptable! Maybe if he had cut all ties with his father and his brutal regime but we see that isn’t the case. He supposedly went home to lead the war against the rebels. No, that’s not cool. Just wrong. And the State Department allowed it? Come on, this is crazy.

My Day

Well if I was a poet like some of you fine people I could make this really interesting but alas I am not. Sorry. So to shorten things up I am going to write this in list form.
1. Looked out the window and saw a lost dog.
2. Got the dog and removed the bottom of a broken up lightbulb from his tail.
3. Walked round with it hoping to find it’s owners.
4. So happy to see them drive around the corner!
5. They were equally happy to see me!
6. It was one neighbor driving another neighbor. They didn’t know each until today.
7. Went home to take a nap.
8. Daughter calls upset, something about a cow.
9. She just took care of a loose dog yesterday.
10. I met her where the cow was. A baby cow, no momma. Not enough shelter in the cold rain by our standards.

11. Let’s just say after a lot of back and forth between agencies a very handsome young sheriff’s deputy came out to have a look because his family raises cows. He said that all in all it really wasn’t a problem.
12. We weren’t thrilled with that answer but at least this guy was really nice about it.
13. The owners were finally contacted and maybe now they will provide a little more shelter so as not to provoke any more curiosity.

If I were a boy

I’m not a huge music fan but this caught my eye and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to share it with all of you. The house in this video is amazing and the dress is stunning. Of course Reba sounds good inspite of the accent. Hope you enjoy, If I were a boy.–221548639

Animal atrocity

I’ve said it before and I’ll say however many times it takes. How a civilization or person treats animals is how they would treat another human. So I guess I would never ever consider travelling too Serbia. This is a terribly disturbing article about the horrible attitudes the Serbs have towards animals. There is an all out animal crisis going on here.

As evidenced in Japan it doesn’t matter what the government does or does not do, an individual can make a difference. It’s up to people not the government to help if necessary. They have no excuse for ill treatment like this excpet cold, cruel hearts.