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Animal atrocity

I’ve said it before and I’ll say however many times it takes. How a civilization or person treats animals is how they would treat another human. So I guess I would never ever consider travelling too Serbia. This is a terribly disturbing article about the horrible attitudes the Serbs have towards animals. There is an all out animal crisis going on here.

As evidenced in Japan it doesn’t matter what the government does or does not do, an individual can make a difference. It’s up to people not the government to help if necessary. They have no excuse for ill treatment like this excpet cold, cruel hearts.

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Little Bug

Run little bug, run.
You are out in the sun now.
Hide near a flower.

It was a beautiful day.

A Haiku

Sorrow abounds there.
Caused by furious water.
Lives torn asunder forever.

For You Grammie

My dishes have more important things to hold than food.

Mural is in one piece, not on the wall but in one piece!

Well I know I had said that he could go ahead tear out that section of wall if he wanted because I was just piddling with this mural to see how it came out but I was wrong. I really like it. So when he decided to go ahead with it I was not happy to say the least but the man somehow managed to get it off of the wall in one piece. Good for him.

After I realized that he really was going to take the piece of wall out all that mattered was that he get it out as a whole piece and not torn to bits. Now I can continue painting it. And yes thereĀ are two different colors of “marble” on it. That’s how it is in Graham Rust’s book, Revisiting the Painted House. I did lose a little bit across the bottom but I am not bothered by that. If it had stayed in place on the wall there would have been white molding painted all around it. If I decide to stick it back into another wall somewhere else in the house then I will add that later. It still needs the shelf painted in and a beautiful flower on the shelf. Plus some architectural pieces added.