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Smile Darla. No I don’t want too.

Sorry, it’s a little gross.

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Someone please tell me why we let these *&%#*&^  people are out of jail?! This guy should be shot on sight when they find him. I don’t want any more of my tax money paying for him in jail to have heat, air, water, food, tv and whatever else he gets.

Now this is cause for riot and protest

This man should be thrown out on his ass and beat senseless.

 Georgia State Rep. Bobby Franklin, a Republican from Marietta, Georgia, has introduced a bill that would criminalize miscarriages, making abortion and miscarriage — or “prenatal murder” in the language of the bill — potentially punishable by death.

This is why the separation of church and state is so vitally important. How is it possible for someone this crazy too even become a state representative? This man is a lunatic in the same vein as people of the Salem Witch Trials.


I have never had a contest before so bear with me. I thought of this contest as I was trying to think of something witty to say to go along with the alien photos. Then I thought, no, there are more talented people out there who can do a much better job than I can. Then I thought it might be interesting if people would write an entire story to go with the photos. So there you go. Want to write a story to go with my alien photos? Write it up and email it too me at I will leave this contest open until March 24, 2011. I have no idea what you will win. I will have to research that for awhile as this only hit me this morning. So come on everyone I know a lot of you are fabulous writers! Let me see what you’ve got.