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A Story of Purpose and Inspiration

When one lives life with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue as I do it can be easy to lose sight of inspiration and purpose for life. So having found a slight bit of inspiration I make it my purpose for this day to share with you a truly touching story that I recently heard about a man who has Alzheimer’s disease.

For many years my dad has been a great help to an elderly man and his wife who lived next door to him. My dad ran errands for them, fixed broken things, took them to the store, and consoled them on the phone, whatever they might need. A few months ago their children moved them into an assisted living facility. Still my dad is a large part of their life. As the man’s condition has steadily declined the only telephone number that he can dial is my dads. He has a list of other phone numbers and it’s large enough for him to read but for some reason the only one he can dial is my dads. Therefore my dad now gets calls at all hours of the day and night as this man can no longer understand time and days have no particular meaning.

Now to show you the mysteries of our wonderful brain. This elderly man enjoyed walking with one of the other residents in the facility. The woman whom he walked with was not in her right mind but knew her way around.  They  became the purpose the other needed to have some fulfillment in an otherwise extremely drab life.

One evening the woman didn’t show up for her regular walk with the man. He became worried and managed to find his way to her room where he found her laying in bed crying and shaking in terrible pain. Upon seeing his friend in such distress and not finding anyone at the nurses desk to help her he went back to his room and did what came natural to him, He called my dad. So as usual my dad dispensed his normal it will be alright calming advice.  He told the elderly man to go back to the nurse’s desk outside of his friends’ room and wait for someone to come along who could help him. So the elderly man did just that.  A  C. N. A. came but she was no help, she thought the situation to be of no consequence. Now this is when the magic happens. The elderly man gets all riled up and tells her that if she doesn’t get a nurse in there to help his friend he is going to call 911! How wonderful is that? His brain is able to snap to so to speak, at a time when critically needed in order to help a friend. He knew who to call and the number!  He had the presence of mind to get upset at the correct time and how to handle it. Soon the nurse came and the matter was handled as it should have been. The next morning the friends were sitting side by side for breakfast.

You never know  what you might be needed for or who might need you or at what time in life. Always continue to look for a purpose, inspiration and hope.

This is dedicated to a good friend who in spite of her own troubles gave me the inspiration to share this story with you.

Mother’s Day

How can one not help but think of all the worlds’ orphans. So many little people who need a mom. So many people who need to be loved. If more little ones had a good and loving mom maybe the world would be a better place.

A Golden Moment