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A Heartflake

As I was looking through this Kirigami book by Jeffrey Rutzky I decided to try making the heartflake since this is the month of February.




According to the book this is an adaptation of a design by Cindy Higham. It starts off with a starburst fold and now I will try to take you through the steps to make this heartflake. Goodluck. :)


I should have erased the 6 inch markings but since I did not, just ignore them for the rest of the time.

Fold to the right along the dotted line.

And then fold the same flap back, in half.

Now fold the far right bottom up the the left along side the crease.

Then fold the same flap back, in half the other way.


Draw out the red pattern onto your starburst fold and cut the white parts away.

I used scrapbook paper which was a little too thick so all of my folds didn’t quite reach as far as they should have so two of my corners were squared off instead of pointy but that is no big deal.







Color of the Year, or Close Enough


As I was wildly cleaning my desk the other night looking for a magazine I came across this little cigar box so I stopped cleaning and made a jewelry box. Who wants to clean anyway? No I never found the magazine but later I did get back to cleaning.

I just happened to find a piece of foamy stuff for the bottom that was very close to the color of the year.

If You Like Sewing, Crafting and Recycling…

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A Crown




Giant Knitting Needles!

Look at these fabulous knitting needles! Don’t they look like a ton of fun. I love these. You might want to hide them from stick chewing dogs you have around though.

You can purchase these at Loopy Mango on Etsy. Go take a look and see what other fun thing you can find there.

I Won!

A present from Helen’s Adornment’s Blog. Beautiful handmade earrings. Made by Helen of course. They were made as part of a blog hop using beads. She did a great job. Now if you would please, click on over and see the gorgeous glass beads that she makes, they are beautiful and fun. Below is the photo of how she beautifully packaged the earrings that I won and a photo of them. Great spring colors.

Fishy Fishy

I don’t work with clay very often but I was inspired to give it another try after seeing a gorgeous flower made from clay in an art magazine. It didn’t turn out exactly as I wanted but close enough. His name is Fishy Fishy.

Marie Antoinette Style Paper Slipper – A Fish In the Water

My Etsy Link. Thanks for looking.

An Emerald Walk

On Etsy

Baby Tattoo

Oh this is so funny. I found this on Etsy and just had to share this with you all. A shirt with tattoo sleeves for baby.  Sorry to Paula’s hubby, I know you won’t like it. Come on don’t you find it the least bit funny?