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Honkey the Chicken, Playing Dead

You tell us what you would have Honkey thinking to himself at that point.

Honkey the Chicken

A Joke

I’m not a huge fan of jokes but I like this one. My daughter told me this tonight.

A string walks into a bar and the bar tender says, get out of here were don’t serve your kind in here. So the string leaves.

The next night the string goes back to the same bar. The bar tender again says, get outta here, we don’t serve your kind in here. So the string leaves again.

The next night the string comes back to the same bar. Before he goes in he bends over and doubles himself up and ruffs up his hair. When he goes in the bar tender says, aren’t you the same string who came in the last two nights?

The string replied, I’m afraid not.

Forget a pregnant pause, how about an oddly placed pin!

Am I the only one who thinks this pin on the Queen’s dress is in the most inappropriate place in the world? Especially for a queen. Maybe all of the people who help her get dressed are getting as old as she is and can’t see well anymore.

How to make a baby laugh, paper needed.

If this doesn’t make you laugh nothing will. This dad might want to remember this when that baby is in a bad mood or crying.