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Thrifted Ethnic Dresses

2 I love this dress/tunic but it is too small so I will try to adjust it too fit me.


It does however fit my model, the lovely Miss M.

11 Actually none of them fit me but they were all so pretty I did not want to leave them at the store. This one I will probably give to my four-year old granddaughter to have for dress up. Knowing her she will belt it and wear it like nobody’s business!

6 Miss M and Molly.


9 Yes I know, some of my photos are blurry. Sorry. I wish this one had long sleeves, it would make a great jacket.



Molly says, “Now point your feet straight.”




15 We had a great time!

Tissue Paper Dress For Barbie


barbie-2 This dress is made from paper wrapping tissue but I would like to use fabric one day to create either a human dress or a Barbie one.  I was inspired by the following on Pinterest.


Mia In Green and Lace


Catherine Duchess of Cambridge You’ve Got Great Style! And so does my Barbie Doll!

Barbie-CatherineI made this dress for my Barbie quite a few years before Catherine Duchess of Cambridge wore one almost the same.


Barbie-Catherine-3  Now I need to make a hat an put a belt and shoes on her. Ok well I guess she needs a bath also! Then she will look a little more like Catherine Duchess of Cambridge.

I Made a Neck Tie!


Since my mom passed away last month I have been sewing a lot. Something she tried to teach me when I was young but it didn’t go well. Now I have sewn a neck tie. I feel so accomplished! I had never even thought about sewing one. It’s one of those things you just buy in the store. I made this one for my grandson because at my mom’s funeral someone admired his tie. He told them it wasn’t a “real” tie like theirs because it was a clip on. So grandma to the rescue! I just happened to find this great tutorial by Molly over at The Purl Bee.



The fabric was 9.99 a yard at Hancock Fabrics and of course I had to have a yard. Well only because I am new to sewing and had no idea what I was doing. The fabric was not 54 wide as was called for. So I had to draw the pattern out double and then lay it flat to cut it instead of cutting it on the fold. So now I have enough fabric to make my nephew one also.