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Buster says


Bug Skeleton

I have been working on learning how to create photo backgrounds with bokeh and blur. As I was looking through photos for one to use I came across this one that I had taken and managed to capture both effects with the camera! I think these little guys are so interesting.



We Went To See The Horses

My grandson and I went to see the horses that live about a mile down the road from me.  He had a new phone and I thought it would be a great chance for him to take some pics with it. He did a great job but I don’t have any of his photos.

These first two horses are always so gentle and sweet. They have been together for quite some time. I think they might be used for special needs children to ride on.


This little fellow was so cute and tiny! But he was quite the spitfire.



My pics are not so great this time but oh well, better luck next time.


I tried to do a free lens photo but didn’t manage, but I still kind of like the pic.


Horses move fast!


This little bull is very gentle and love to be petted. And that is where I stepped in fire ants! Time to go home.


This cute little thing is the security cat. He followed us the entire time.


We had a great time hanging out and talking about our photos and the animals.


A Great Magazine and More Photos

I mentioned Artful Blogging Magazine in my last post but I failed to tell you which issue I had gained my free lens information from. It is the Aug/Sep/Oct 2016 issue which will be on display until 10/31/16. The full title is Artful Blogging Visually Inspiring Online Journals. I love this magazine! It is packed with inspiring photos and great articles. I don’t have a subscription but I am thinking about getting one. I find the price to be a little steep at $59.99 for four issues a year. I guess it’s just the lump sum that is hard to swallow but I just realized I have paid that much all together for various magazines in the last two months! I am a magazineaholic.


So I went back and re-read the article that Sarah Rhodes had written on her blog, A Beautiful Mess trying to see if I missed something or not as I am finding it very difficult as did Erin Hensley from the article in Artful Blogging. Erin finally mastered it very well may I say! Below are more of my free lens photos as well as one reverse lens and some attached lens photos.












I hope you enjoyed these and will give it a try.





Lens play

This is a reverse lens photo.


I took the lens off of my camera and turned it around then got very close to this wasp or hornet, I don’t know which it is.  It never bothered me as I took quite a few shots. Below is a regular shot with the lens attached as it should be.

full-waspNext are free lens photos. Again I take the lens off of the camera but I don’t turn it around. I just hold it out a very slight bit and then tilt it either forwards or backwards, right or left hoping to find the sweet spot. It doesn’t always happen but I like the results even so. I usually don’t even know until I look at the photos on the computer screen.


So this one with the two dogs didn’t really work out but I still like it. The next few I consider a success!




These shots of the clouds are regular shots with the lens attached. Last night the clouds and sun were painting some of the most beautiful scenes ever!




Below is an afternoon shot of a yummy cloud.


So won’t you give the free lens and reverse lens a try? It’s great fun and you can’t really mess up. Sometimes the mess ups are nice as well. I had already heard about reverse lens photography but not free lens until I read the latest edition of Artful Blogging Magazine.

I just found a wonderful tutorial on how to free lens at the blog, A Beautiful Mess.

Everything you need to know! I will be reading it as well since the original information I read wasn’t very detailed. Sorry I tried to link to the magazine and blog but it is not working.






Just a few pics













If you like the photos with the diffused/fog like look it is very easy to do. Take a plastic sandwich baggie and cut the end off then slip it over your lens. You can then move the bag around as you like letting just a bit hang over into the lens view. Just play around with it a bit to get the feel of it. It’s a lot of fun!


Various Photos










Dogs, Ladybugs and Golden Leaves








I have been knitting and I am inspired!

Inspired to continue on and not give up because learning to knit has not been as easy for me as I would like it to be. About a week ago I came across a most beautiful blog called, Little Cotton Rabbits, by Julie Williams. The header and her photographs are peaceful and gorgeous. They are inspiring. At first I was a little intimidated by the things she knits. She is what I would call a “real” knitter. I’ve only knit a few simple scarves and hats so far.

That is until now! After looking at her section of free patterns I decided to try one and I’m so glad that I did. This Itty Bitty Dress is what I decided to try. I had to how to learn how to yfon – yarn forward on needle, and ssk- slip slip knit. I also had to purl into the back of next stitch which sounds so easy but I think I must have done something wrong somewhere as both of the itty bitty dresses I made had armhole mistakes.


doll 3

The little purple dress is the one with that seems to have two armholes stacked on top of each other or next to each other, something odd but once it is on the doll you can’t tell. I also made a larger version for a larger doll that my granddaughter wanted one for. The blue dress has four armholes, two next to each other! Oh well no one will really notice those either. At least I am not knitting clothes in order to keep myself or a family member from being naked.



I do hope “real” knitters everywhere don’t shudder if they see that I blocked my itty bitty dress on a kitchen towel. I don’t have a blocking pad yet. One has to block their knitting to guide it into the exact right shape. Or rather to stay in the right shape. For example the bottom of the itty bitty dress would have stayed curled up if I had not blocked it. To block knitting or crochet you just dampen the piece and pin it to a foam type pad that is covered in lightweight rubber. At least I think that is what it looks like to me from the photos I have seen. I was not about to invest in anything else until I knew I could knit more elaborate things other than simple hats and scarves. I never blocked any of those. I don’t think you have to block most hats and scarves but I may be wrong.




A huge thanks to Julie Williams for inspiring me and helping me with a question that I had.

Also to these You Tube videos for helping me learn some of these new stitches: Pepperly, Rowan Yarns. There are so many videos available on You Tube you have to watch various ones to find a teacher who is a good fit for you. Don’t just watch one or two and give up if they don’t work for you. Try a lot more and go back on different days as more are added all the time. If you are an aspiring knitter don’t give up! Get comfortable with one thing at a time then move on to something else. On and on up the knitter ladder.

P.S. If anyone knows where the spell check has disappeared to please let me know. Thank you.