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I Tried Cooking With Tofu Again

As I am trying to go from Vegetarian to Vegan I am going to have to try new ways to get protein and a more diverse diet. I hate to cook but love to eat so it’s time to branch out. I guess Vegans can eat Tofu, right? Well it might be a slow journey anyway. If I can find a local farm that treats its animals well and with kindness then I will get eggs and dairy products from them, I just haven’t looked into it yet. So I made Tofu Chicken Salad a few nights ago. Of course I did not have any Tumeric, used that all up and forgot to buy more. No Cumin either. No parsley or basil as I don’t like either one of those. I’m allergic to bell peppers so can’t have those either! I don’t remember if my tofu was firm or extra firm. Well I know it wasn’t extra firm but when I tried to dry it with a paper towel it kind of smushed a little. Now before starting this post I looked up how to cook tofu in case I actually did it wrong. I did it different I will say that. I started with very slow heat but that is because I knew it still had enough liquid in it that it was going to splatter terribly. So this is the video that I found explaining how to properly cook tofu. So here are my pics. tofu-1 tofu-2 tofu-3 tofu-4 tofu-5 I did have some apple, pickle relish and walnuts for my faux chicken salad. tofu-6 I also made a mix of sautéed green beans, asparagus and onions. tofu-7 So after watching the above video I can’t wait to try again. I hope this helps or encourages someone in their vegetarian/vegan journey.

Chocolate Minty Frosted Cake!


This cake is a thousand times better than a box mix from the store! And it was not that much harder to make. I found the recipe for Simple Chocolate Cake at Joy of although I had to make a slight change to it that made it minty.


It rose so much higher and more even than a store-bought mix.


I did not use the parchment or wax paper in the bottom of the pan. I used Pam Organic spray and it came right out with no problem.

And if you are going to cook or bake it should be fun! So I used my fun new polky dotty spatula!


The only chocolate that I had on hand were these bags of Nestle Toll House Winter Mix Chocolate Chips that I found on clearance at Food Lion last week for 84 cents. So I picked out all of the chocolate ones and only had to add a few to make the 6 ounces of chocolate that I needed. I knew that my son loves minty chocolate flavors so he would eat the cake if no one else would.


Creamy, dreamy butter!

Now creamy, dreamy chocolate frosting!

Smile, it’s time to put it all together!!!

Crumb coat. This frosting was silkier than the silkiest silk! That was the easiest crumb coat I have ever done. Just in case you don’t know what a crumb coat is, it is a thin layer of frosting covering the cake to capture the crumbs so that you may then frost the cake hopefully without getting crumbs all in the beautiful outer layer of frosting. No one wants a crummy cake.

Ta Da!

Mexican Hot Chocolate Roasted Pecans

I found this recipe on Ree Drummond’s Tasty Kitchen blog. As in Ree Drummond the Pioneer Woman. I actually cooked. I actually whisked egg whites into peaky meringue.

I did however leave out the “hot” part. Not only did I not have the pepper I couldn’t find it in the store plus we don’t like hot. Those things are still good. Especially on vanilla ice cream!


I saw this in a magazine at the doctor’s office. I don’t remember the name of the magazine but I think it was the one with a photo of Michelle Obama sitting at a picnic table full of produce. I don’t have the exact recipe of course but this is the jist of it:
Fresh green beans, trimmed.
Onion,diced or sliced.
Peaches or Nectarines, diced.
Carmalize the onion in olive oil. Then throw in the green beans until they soften, then the fruit. Plate and squeeze some lime juice on it. It was wonderful.

My Rice Krispies Patty

Yes it looks like a giant hamburger because why mess another dish. Here is my recipe:
1. 1 stick of salted sweet cream butter, melted.
2. 1 bag of marshmellows melted and stirred a lot.
3. A cereal bowl full of Rice Krispies.
4. A smattering of some other kind of cereal. I used organic chocolate O’s.
5. Whatever nuts you have laying around.
6. More cereal.
7. 1 bag of shredded coconut.
8. 2 pouches of Quaker Maple and Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal.
9. Stir all together.
10. Remove from heat and add whatever chocolate chips are left in the bag from sitting around the house in front of your taste buds for the last few days.
11. Plop it out onto the the non-stick aluminum foil and squash into shape with a piece of press n seal over your hand.
12. Sample as much as you can while cruising the internet.
13. Wrap it up nice and tight and hope the cat doesn’t want any.
Be very careful, the measurments are precise. Oh and have a glass of milk with it. Fat free milk. Then :)

I’m going to throw up now

I was just watching Jamie Oliver (cute as a button and sexy too) on The David Letterman Show and he said that vanilla ice cream is made with an ingredient called castoreum. Castoreum is made from beaver anal gland secretions!!! I really need to meditate now!

From Wikipedia

Both beaver testicles and castoreum, a bitter-tasting secretion with a slightly fetid odor contained in the castor sacs of male or female beaver, have been articles of trade for use in traditional medicine. Yupik (Eskimo) medicine used dried beaver testicles like willow bark to relieve pain. Beaver testicles were exported from Levant (a region centered on Lebanon and Israel) from the tenth to nineteenth century.[30] Claudius Aelianus comically described beavers chewing off their testicles to preserve themselves from hunters, which is not possible because the beaver’s testicles are inside its body. European beavers (Castor fiber) were eventually hunted nearly to extinction in part for the production of castoreum, which was used as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antipyretic. Castoreum was described in the 1911 British Pharmaceutical Codex for use in dysmenorrhea and hysterical conditions (i.e. pertaining to the womb), for raising blood pressure and increasing cardiac output. The activity of castoreum has been credited to the accumulation of salicin from willow trees in the beaver’s diet, which is transformed to salicylic acid and has an action very similar to aspirin.[31] Castoreum continues to be used in perfume production.

Much of the early exploration and trade of Canada was based on the quest for beaver. See Canadian canoe routes (early) and related articles. The most valuable part of the beaver is its inner fur whose many minute barbs make it excellent for felting, especially for hats. In Canada a ‘made beaver’ or castor gras that an Indian had worn or slept on was more valuable than a fresh skin since this tended to wear off the outer guard hairs.

Oh the poor little beaver.

Now That’s cooking!

A most unusual cookbook has hit the market. ‘Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking’. I knew some of you would be extremely interested in this. I would love to see it just because of fabulous photographs of the unusual foods. It seems to be a cookbook that will push cooking to the edge and beyond. Move over Betty Crocker there’s a new chef in town.

How does this price tag grab you? Would you pay this much for a cookbook? $625