Tsunami Survivor

This leaves me almost speechless. This fifteen year old girl was swept away in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and survived only to be found and taken in by a horrible lady who enslaved her.

This poor child, the horrors that she has been through. I am so happy that she is back home safe and sound with her rightful family. Read the full story here.

4 responses to “Tsunami Survivor

  1. A tragic and terrible story indeed. I too am glad that she is home with her family.

  2. A modern-day miracle!

  3. Poor thing … but what amazing strength and determination that she did what she had to do to survive and then found her parents again.

  4. We who have much in the way of comforts…have a difficult time imagining such tragedies. I find it hard to wrap my brain around such occurrences. I just keep them in my mental safe…ever mindful and prayerful that there are those who need to be remembered…always…whether we know of them…or not.

    hugs for your compassion…hugmamma. 🙂

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