The Birth House by Ami McKay

The Birth House

by Ami McKay is a special book. If you enjoy reading about birth, families, community, and history this is your book.  It’s like peeking through a curtain watching as a young girls calling in life slowly but surely drapes itself around her.

I have always wanted to be a Doula but never had the chance, so it was especially thrilling for me to read this book and then give it too my daughter in law who is a Doula! I couldn’t even just hand her the book as is. It’s way too special for that. So I wrapped it up, tied it with a bow and gave it too her with a song in my heart and almost a tear in my eye because I knew she was going to be as enthralled with it as I had been.

I was right.  After she read it she told me that as she read she experienced so many different emotions. She was sad, mad, happy, thrilled, scared, surprised, broken-hearted, contented, shocked, and many other emotions.  It ends peacefully with great content. You walk away with a warm heart as if you have just left from visiting one of the families in the book.

3 responses to “The Birth House by Ami McKay

  1. Gifts from the heart resonate! 🙂

  2. Hey I wanted to check out your other blog, this book sounds really interesting, and its interesting that you wanted to be a Doula. Over the Summer, I just started studying to become a certified childbirth educator myself. I will have to check into this book!

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