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Shawl Re-do and Buster

shawl 2.JPG

Easiest Shawl Pattern Ever: Yarn over and knit to the end. I found it on You Tube, it’s by laylock.  I started the same shawl about a year ago when I really did not know enough about knitting. Yes even though it is the easiest shawl ever. I think she is knitting left handed or somehow different than I do so I couldn’t follow the video and I didn’t even know what a yarnover was. And I was using my cabled knitting needles wrong. So now we are off to the races again.


The yarn is from Michael’s Art’s and Crafts store. I can’t remember the name or anything about it. Pretty sure I threw away the label. Now I know not too. I think I will start keeping them in baggies with any bits of leftover yarn.


Mmm whaaad you say Willis?




I’m totally shocked, but thrilled

because I knitted this hat! I thought I would never move beyond simple scarves!