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Please donate if you can and pass the word along.

When you get to the part about the geese if you don’t cry or come close to it then you must not be human. I had no idea that geese were that way. It’s hearbreaking and heavenly at the same time. Thank God for these loving angels who helped these animals.


I’m short and stout but I get about.

I really can not believe how fast this fat little old guy can move.  Especially when it comes to trying to beat you to getting in the back door.  He can’t come in the house because he is not fixed. He is a stray that I found. I have done everything I can think of to find his owners but it really seems as if someone has dropped him off. I am totally in love with him now. I do everything I can to make him feel welcome and happy and at home. He is precious.

Wonderful! Real Joy!

I found his owners! He is now back home safe and sound, happy as can be.

This most beautiful, sweet and loving dog escaped from his fenced in yard when a bad storm blew part of the fence down. When his owner came to get it he told the story of how he got the dog. He and his wife were looking for a dog and a friend who worked for the city found this precious baby locked up starved to bare bones in a kennel at an abandoned foreclosed home! What kind of monster would do that? He said they found a lot of dead cats in cages and other dead things. I hope that person starves to death. I am sick of all of this craziness. There is no reason for someone to do that to an animal.

Birthday wish granted: Fort Mill girl, 8, helps Humane Society pets | The Herald – Rock Hill, SC

This little girl is a  hero!   An animal hero.  I challenge everyone who reads this to have the same kind of birthday party, young or old.

Birthday wish granted: Fort Mill girl, 8, helps Humane Society pets | The Herald – Rock Hill, SC.