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A Winter’s Day






Painted Kitty (may be a repeat)

Just horsing around

I thought I would show you the process of painting a horse mural. Not that I am a professional by any means. I love painting or drawing murals. I don’t usually paint or draw on a small-scale such as drawing paper but give me a wall and I am happy. I can always paint over if it doesn’t look good.

I started by painting a window or I should say a window frame. The rest of the window will be painted last. I used a photograph of an actual horse that I took then traced it using a Wacom Tablet. And no my perspective is not perfect, I always have trouble with that. And yes I should take time to study it but I haven’t yet. Next I printed the photograph the size that I wanted the horse to be and used carbon paper to trace it onto the wall.  It is supposed to look as if the horse is sticking its head through the window into the house.

Little Bug Series





The bookstore (the best place to be)

It is an amazingly beautiful day today!

Such a beautiful sight

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Silly Summer Fun

Go ahead paint on the windows! Craft acrylic comes right off with a little soap and water. It’s fun for everyone. My grandson thought it was great that I was painting on the back door window.