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A Watercolor Painting – Not


A friend told me about this interesting method of painting. Take a photo that you like and turn it into a black and white. Then fade it considerably. Then print it out on watercolor paper and use watercolors to “paint” over it. Sounds like fun except that when I printed the photo I was going to use I couldn’t bear to put a paintbrush to it. I love it the way it is. I will have to try again on another photo. This is my Darla.

Was It Mr. Peacock In The Marsh?

He says, “No, I’m just out here pondering.”

How I Made The Watercolor Of Luna

I found the photograph that I thought I had deleted! So now I can show you the process. I started by tracing all of the shapes and shadings in this photograph using my Wacom Tablet.

Then I printed the tracing out and retraced it the old fashioned way to get more detail. I am not happy with the way my tablet is working but I hate fiddling with the settings. It’s old so maybe I need a new one. This way works for me so no big deal.

Then I used these watercolor lessons for the first few steps, the eyes in particular. I started with the eyes unlike the lessons.  And the black part is too large but better luck next time around. I am just learning after all.

Then I blocked in the ear and started laying light colors that I gradually built up over time.  This picture is about the halfway point.

Many times when I thought it was finished I would find something else that needed more attention.  After I uploaded it too the blog I noticed the top and bottom eyelash area and was not one hundred percent happy with it but I really feel as at this point I should not do anything else. It’s done.

Music and Roses