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Safety Idea

For those of you who walk the dog or yourself at night. For joggers or just general loafers who are out and about enjoying the cool air at night this is a great safety idea.

Cheap, lightweight, easy to carry. A light on one end and a knife-like stabbing utensil on the other end.  And how handy, just leave it stuck in the ground outside the door and pick it up on your way out.

Walking Shops

Margrit Coppe’s book Walking Shops provides a most colorful and fascinating look into the lives of African women in Angola. These women are literally walking shops with the buckets, baskets and bags they carry on their heads filled with anything one could buy at a store from underwear to pencils. They walk with dignity and grace selling their wares to earn a living for their families as best as they can. The full-page color photographs are what tell the story beautifully.