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Much Loved Cat Toy

Hairbands. Yes that’s it hairbands. I know I have done a post about them before but oh well here is another one. My cat loves these fake prey. Shoot them across the room and she will either jump after them or just watch in amusement as they go by.


Sometimes I shoot them off of the wall and she will jump up to try catch them. Or she waits for them to bounce off of whatever they land on.


Shoot them across the floor and sometimes they roll perfectly on their sides which is most interesting to the cat. Especially if they roll past then turn and come back towards her.


They only cost a dollar for quite a few of them at most places and somehow they do get lost so I never more pay more than a dollar for them. I just leave all over the floor and as I walk by sometimes I fling one or two for her. We mostly play with them in the evening. I hear her playing with them in the middle of the night sometimes.


The Tao of Meow by Deborah Wood is about providing a happy life for your cat. Thinking about things from your cats point of view.


Miss Kitty also collects them during the night and places some of them near her food bowl in a neat little pile and sometimes drops one in the water bowl and one in Luna’s (brown dog) food bowl. She never puts one in Darla’s (black and white dog) bowl because Darla is the Alpha dog and doesn’t like Miss Kitty an awful lot. I think she is secretly scared of Miss Kitty so she has to act tuff to hide it. Miss Kitty is never mean to her though and would really like to be her friend.