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Flash Movie

Ta Da! The other grammie, me and the grandson conspired to make this little ditty for your enjoyment. Actually the grandson had no idea when he was piddling around drawing that this is what his drawings would be used for, I will surprise him. The other grammie has made some nice flash movies before but has forgotten a lot. I know almost zero but I am learning. Yes we have a long ways to go.  Please click this flash animation to activate. Thank you.

More Diorama Fun!

Check this out. I found this cool site about dioramas that has so many great projects on it. Can’t wait to share some of this with my grandson. I think dioramas are a wonderful way to spur a kids imagination.

Halloween Fun

I had the most wonderful time making this diorama¬†with my grandson yesterday. He is crazy about Halloween. I don’t like the scary parts just the fun of it.