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Dylan Viale Created A Great Game For His Grandmother

What a wonderful child Dylan Viale is to create a video game for his grandmother who is blind. extraordinary. This child already has life made. He knows what is important and goes above and beyond in his thoughts and actions.

                                   Dylan Viale (Jim Caroompas, patch.com)

The Best Chalkboard Ever!

I have always thought this would be a great idea. Easy to do chalkboard for you dishwasher front or your refrigerator. Check out the site for this great idea.


Necklace for a Niece

Just a little treat that I whipped up for my niece. She’s a little whipper snapper as the old folk would say. She’s the best player on her softball team but she likes girly things too. I believe she is the ripe young age of eight. What sport did you  enjoy the most when you were eight?

Clay Play

They have been at it again! My grandson and his other grandmother have been playing with clay and these are the famous characters have come up with.
Yoshi, Mario and Luigi.

It’s very rare that I can catch her with a smile for the camara. She was in a rough and tumble, high energy, playing mood. This look says come on run and chase me through the house.

Dogs are Toddlers with Fur

Saturday night I went to my son and daughter in law’s house to baby-sit my grandson and their three dogs. This is the tale of how the night went.

About an hour after I arrived my grandson fell asleep cuddling with me on the couch watching a kid’s movie. That left me with three medium to large size dogs to entertain. Would I have rather watched a movie or read a book? Maybe. But with six beautiful brown eyes full of anticipation watching me hoping for some attention it would have been rather selfish of me. They know that Grammie will spoil them and give them a little extra love, after all they are really just toddlers in fur.

So between letting them out to excuse themselves about four times within four hours I sat on the couch and or floor and gave each one the love and attention they deserve.

Rudie the dominant one brings a softball to me and pushes against my hand to let me know she wants to play. She is relentless, she won’t give in until you throw it or roll it so she can run after it. She was so happy to have someone play ball with her for hours on end. My arm was a little sore the next day but it was worth it.

Shiloh is second in line, a beautiful yellow lab with the most expressive huge doe eyes. He just wanted a chance to lay in the soft recliner while Rudie played ball with me. All he needed was the occasional pat on the head, a smile and to be told what good boy he is.
My son found Shiloh sitting by the road one day watching every car go past. This poor dog had been seen sitting there in the morning as all of the neighbors went to work and was still there when my son came home that afternoon. In the horrible heat with nothing to drink, scared and confused. My son picked him up and took him home. Does he have room in his house for him? No he does not. Does he have the finances to take care of another dog? Maybe not. Could he leave the dog sitting by the road? No. Because he has a good heart. Yes it is a strain to add another dog to a small household with no fence. But both dogs get walked every day, fed, watered, and loved. Oh and extra spoiled by Grammie. They did try to find the owners but whoever put the dog out sure wasn’t going to come back for it or own up to it. They are trying to find it a good permanent home through the Petsmart Adoption Program. It will break my heart when this beautiful creature leaves. If there was any way I could take him I would.

Macie was the other dog, the largest who was there. She is my daughter in law’s mother’s dog. Her mother had to go out-of-town for a family funeral. Macie is a Chocolate Lab and Weimaraner mix. She was so sad because she had no idea where her mommy was and this was the second time in as many weeks that she had to stay with the others. She likes to be an only child. So she wanted to sit by my side the entire night and follow every move I made if I got up. That was fine with me. She was just a scared little girl.  Well big girl I should say. She had just been given up by her original owner a year before, supposedly because she wasn’t adjusting well to their new human baby. Hmmm I wonder who it was that wasn’t really adjusting? She now has a very loving and wonderful home with the other Grammie. Macie gives wonderful loving kisses and is as sweet and gentle as can be.

All I had to do was take the time to be aware of what each dog needed and wanted and give a few hours out of my life to make them feel loved. It really wasn’t that difficult, I just treated them like toddlers with fur.

Yes dogs take a lot of patience, love, time and energy but don’t we all? And dogs are far more forgiving than we are. More attentive and more loyal than any human you will ever meet. So buck up and be the human you should be. Take good care of your dog or cat for that matter. Make them a part of the family. Truly a part of the family. Take proper care of them and love them. Treat them the way you would want to be treated. If you know a dog or cat that needs help please step forward to help it in any way you can.